Hydro Fund Grants

  • St Vincent’s Therapy Garden have asked for £500 towards plants & seeds. Agreed.
  • Application for small grant for 2 boys travelling to Central Belt for hockey training.  Declined as it does not fit the criteria
  • Shinty Club wants our decision on the logo for the dugout – we agreed it should be KCDC logo with ‘Hydro Fund’ underneath, so as not to become to large/unwieldy.


Paths Network Report (IM)

  • He hasn’t yet managed to talk to COAT re the Jubilee Walk.  Paths Network has applied for further grant to upgrade Jubilee Walk but they’ve already had one grant.  LC advised that they have in fact applied to Paths for All, not the Hydro Fund.  The path should eventually be part of the Speyside Way so let them do the work!
  • Path above West Terrace needs some serious maintenance as stream is eroding it badly.  Possibly get COAT on the case, with helicopter & volunteers.



  • Eric Lawther & Andy Dunn have both agreed to become directors. Up for election are Jan, Eric, Andy, Sulehka.  Other directors are up for re-election.
  • Gregor Rimmell has suggested that the independent committee should be there.  They will be invited.
  • Linda Ord & John Robertson will present at AGM re what the awarded grants were used for. Wade Centre should be asked too.
  • Get Strathy to plug AGM the week before.
  • Publicise grants money again, as applications have dried up rather.



  • Website desperately needs updating.  There followed a long discussion on the fact that Kingussie needs to advertise itself & get its act together.   There should be a community diary but it would have to be kept up to date.  There should be a Kingussie website (other towns/villages manage).  The perennial problem is that while these things start off well, they always fall by the wayside as the person running it gets fed up with trying to contact businesses, etc., and keep it up to date.  Maybe it would be worth getting a professional to do it & spread the cost between all parties.  The subject will be raised at the AGM.  It could be KCDC’s next project. Cycling group has a good website which is kept up to date & interesting.
  • We also discussed Kingussie being ‘the forgotten town between Aviemore & Newtonmore’ and GS asked what Kingussie can do to make it special & get people in.  People may stay here but tend to go elsewhere for the day.  It’ll only get worse when the A9 takes everyone straight past.  An ongoing problem, not helped by general apathy in the community.
  • Woodlands (GS) – there are some big sycamores which need removing – not only are they non-native but they seed copiously every year & it’s an endless battle to get rid of the seedlings.  GS suggested he ring bark some of them which will eventually kill them, and should stop them producing flowers/seeds straight away.  There are some large ones opposite the end of Middle Tce which will need a tree surgeon to remove them.
  • IM has not had a response from Highland Council re fencing/crash barriers on Gynack Road. He’ll chase.
  • GS has mended a good stretch of the fencing opposite St Vincents but needs a professional to replace the strainer posts.


Meeting ended 21.05


Minutes of KCDC Meeting 20th September 2017, 19.30 @ St. Giles


Present:- Ian Moffett, Jan Morse, Alistair Bell, Gilmour Strang, Len Cruickshank


Apologies:- Bob Kinnaird, Dave Stewart, Sulekha Millar


The minutes of the May meeting were approved.


Financial Report (LC)

  • Current balance £3570.78.  Peter Munro Accountants  fees paid.
  • The cycling fund currently stands at £3755.
  • Receipts of £1,403 from subs & donations since May 2017
  • LC queried the monthly outgoing of £31.03 to Highland Council. This is for insurance (the insurance covers the hydro as well).  IM will find the paperwork for more clarification.
  • LC will talk to BK regarding the cycling fund.
  • Hydro fund stands at £17670.27.  All community grants have been paid out, except one pending for £2,500 which will have to go before the independent Hydro Large Grants committee and a further proposal dealt with later.
  • IM noted that part the Hydro money should be retained for hydro maintenance costs. LC advised there is to be a contingency fund and it was agreed this should be built up by annual contributions.
  • There have been no more funding applications. We should make more of this at the AGM and elsewhere. 
  • Some of the accountant’s costs should be paid from the hydro fund.  LC will discuss a fair proportion with Peter Graham.


Hydro Report (AB) – AB gave a comprehensive report – Almost 110000 kWh has been generated to date.  It has taken rather a long time to reach this figure, largely due to the low or zero output for several weeks in May arising from the dry weather and earlier lack of snow. There have been a few trips caused by grid disturbances but all of these have been recovered from automatically. The main effort from KCDC members has been in periodic inlet screen cleaning, mainly of sticky brown peaty material and, after spates, of leaves and other debris. In addition, repairs have been made to part of the old weir that had been eroded.


IM mentioned that there is a CNPA training day visit to the Hydro on 28/09. He will be away so AB & GS will attend.


We discussed a proposal for a booklet summarising the experience in funding, constructing and operating the Hydro, and this was approved.  AB & IM give guarantee against loss.


Community Woods Report (GS)

  • When walking at the Community Woodlands, all Directors to consider whether any fencing work is required.  Please report to GS.
  • GS has done a lot of tree clipping, especially around the street lights.
  • Some of the timber-framed signs are rotting, especially those under trees.  Again any of us passing should make a note of any that appear to need repairing or replacement.  Please report to GS and IM.
  • GS mentioned that there are 3 benches which are overgrown & not being used.  It was agreed that these, and particularly the one at the ‘muddy layby’ beside St Vincents, should be re- located.  One suggested site is at the crossroads up at Loch Gynack.  GS said the benches are bolted together & could be taken apart for transportation.
  • We discussed whether we want to take responsibility for the people counters behind the caravan site & beside The Cross.  These were put in place many years ago by a HC Ranger but have been forgotten about, the batteries are flat & the data recovered is inaccurate.  We decided we’d think about it as, even if they are working properly, would the data be of any use to us?  GS will ascertain if they can be made to work.
  • Streetlighting at steps beside The Cross is inefficient & the area is very dark.  GS reckons that if some of the tree branches around the lights were cut back, that would solve the problem. Agreed but monitor.
  • LC reported that the recent cycling event seems to have caused minimal damage; JM agreed.
  • It appears there was a hill race on the same day, hence the traffic problems on Gynack Road.  A good idea to avoid this double booking would be to have a community diary but this would involve (a) someone keeping it and (b) event organisers actually using it. Discuss with KVCC.
  • Horses – they are damaging the paths, not to mention their ‘deposits’.  We discussed the approach to be taken .
  • The signage to Raitts is disintegrating – should we replace it?  GS has some spare arrows.  We agreed that as CNPA put up the markers in the first place, we should ask them to undertake the repairs/replacement or at least provide the relevant hardware.  All Directors to report on signs needing work.


IM advised that although there have been no more ‘official’ applications for grants, he has had a tentative enquiry from the shinty club. The Shinty Club have decided to complete the re-development of The Dell and are looking for funding. The Board is sympathetic.  IM and LC to investigate further and put the resulting application to the independent Hydro Large Grants Committee.


We then discussed the proposed replacement bridge over the Gynack behind the golf clubhouse. LC has now received a very reasonable quote from a local company which, coupled with the cost of abutments & incidentals, would bring the cost to about £10000 plus VAT and expenses.  However, the project can’t get going until the funding is resolved.  LC will reply to the contractor saying we would like to go ahead but we can’t until we have got the necessary funding.  We agreed to put in an application to Tesco Bags for Life and also the Co-op Community Fund, with the emphasis on community & disabled access.


New directors – still need some. IM to make approaches.


AGM to be arranged for November/December. We agreed on Monday 11th December and agreed it may be a good idea to supply Xmas drink/snacks to make it a bit ‘social’ afterwards.  We also agreed that the grant recipients should be represented in some way and perhaps make presentations.


GS noted, and we had a brief discussion about, last year’s question about the hydro not being recorded on the accounts as a depreciating asset.  We still think that’s wrong!  We do however have clarity on the tools we own.



CNPA have asked for a letter of support for their grant application for the Badenoch Great Place Project – we are happy to do this. IM to organise.

There is a Cairngorms Business Partnership meeting on 2nd October at the High School if anyone wants to attend.

There is charity talk at Holyrood on 30th November. None of us will be able to attend.

AB mentioned that PLT are due an evaluation report (even though they haven’t reminded us) – it is due within 2 years of funding & is therefore due mid-November.


Meeting ended 21.30. Next meeting TBA.





KCDC – Minutes of Meeting on 3rd May 2017, 19.30 @ St. Giles



Directors – I Moffett (chair), L Cruikshank (treasurer), G Strang, J Morse (secretary), B Kinnaird


A Bell, D Stewart


The minutes of the 22/02/17 meeting were approved.


IM reported that he has concluded the purchase of the land beside the tennis courts.  He gave LC the invoice for Highland Council (HC) fees of £578.80.  HC have waived the £1 purchase fee.  IM advised that he needs a cheque for £60 for recording title with the Registers of Scotland.  Once the purchase has been signed off, we can begin sorting out the area.


The KCDC newsletter has been printed & is ready for distribution.  IM gave LC the invoice for the cost of production.  It now needs to be delivered to every house in Kingussie. It was suggested that we ask Royal Mail how much it would cost for them to be distributed with the post – IM to make enquiries.  BK advised that he may be able to get Cycle Friendly Kingussie members to assist in distribution, as they may want to include an extra announcement.  They are having a meeting tomorrow & he will discuss with them, then let IM know the outcome.  Otherwise, volunteers will need to distribute – various streets were allocated to the directors present, pending the outcome of BK’s meeting.  IM advised that he wants it to go out soon, i.e. within the next week.


LC advised that he had talked to Peter Graham of Peter Munro re the VAT return.   It apparently needs to be authorised every time; a blanket authorisation is not acceptable.


LC updated on finance. The main account holds £4531.56, of which 75% belongs to the cycling group.  The Hydro account holds £14,279.27, which includes £3362 paid in by Scottish Power.  Finances are looking healthy, although not so much if the cycling group monies are not included.  We are looking for a boost of funds with hopefully getting new members (plea in newsletter).


IM advised that he saw an extremely large crane coming from Pitmain recently; was it something to do with the flood alleviation?  Not sure if started yet – IM will ask HC.  LC mentioned that McGowans have been awarded the contract for the flood alleviation.


Applications for awards from the Hydro Fund

  1. The gymnastics award has been signed & delivered.
  2. John Robertson from the shinty club has asked for £500 – they are ‘selling bricks’ for the new building & want to put KCDC on either 1 large brick or 5 small bricks.  This application is approved.
  3. Jackie Hunter has applied for £500 on behalf of the Wade Centre to buy arts/crafts equipment for older adults.  Although strictly speaking, the Wade Centre is funded by NHS, they do not provide funding for things like this.  This application is approved in principle but we will ask for a breakdown of what they will spend it on.
  4. Linda Olds, on behalf of the primary school PTA, has made an initial enquiry as to whether they can apply for £500 towards an art showcase.  This should be funded by HC but we know they won’t.  It was agreed that she should be invited to apply but, again, we will want a breakdown of what they will spend it on.
  5. Bridge behind golf club. This will cost c.£15,000 and the Paths Group will be looking to apply for the maximum of £2,500 towards the cost. Funding will also, hopefully, be provided by Pitmain Estate, the golf club & the Paths Group.  As this is for the larger Category A funding, the Chair must now convene a meeting to discuss this.  Pitmain owns the land the bridge will be built on, so they will have to apply for planning permission for the new bridge – this should be fairly straightforward as it replaces a previous structure.

The bridge is mentioned in the newsletter as being for public use, not just for the golf club.

The design has to be approved by Pitmain, who may then come on board re future maintenance.

Can we stop horses from using the bridge because if we can’t, the design will get complicated.We aren’t sure; JM offered to trawl google.

The insurance for the new bridge could possibly be added to the insurance for Pitmain’s other 2 bridges further up the river.


BK asked for clarification that Category B awards are up to £500.  Yes.

We expect the applications to gain momentum after the newsletter has been distributed as it contains an article about this.

BK asked if, in future, a subsidiary of the cycling group could apply for an award – LC advised that they could but it would be better if the amount requested was for part of a larger project.

GS asked if the Hydro fund includes the £2,000 sinking fund and AB’s ‘expenses fund.Yes.

Still on the subject of the hydro scheme/Gynack,Some minor issues remain at discharge from powerhouse.GS to contact local contractor re either doing it or hiring out the equipment.GS was authorised to go ahead with this.

While we want to put KCDC money to good use, we also want to build up the hydro sinking fund gradually to about £8,000.


BK gave an update on cycling.  There is a meeting of the charity tomorrow.  Weekly rideouts are picking up & are well supported (there are 2 – one for road bikes & the other for hybrids). The Bikethon is being held in June & they will be looking for volunteers to help out on the day.  This year they are not running the Bikefest at the same time, so there will be no marquees etc, although there will be refreshments.  The cycle stands in Kingussie are being used, the one outside the Courthouse more so than the one outside the sports shop.  The cycle group will be distributing a flyer to local B&Bs.



Rumour has it that HC will stop providing insurance next year. We discussed possibly going direct to Zurich; JM mentioned that Carrbridge Ahead had gone direct & got cover £200 cheaper than through HC, but Carrbridge is a different setup.We’ll wait & see what happens next year.


Iona Gallery has lost its funding.  Although the Hydro fund could make a one-off award, it cannot be used for ongoing costs.


IM & GS had a brief discussion about the woodland we have now got below the tennis courts and agreed they need some technical tree advice.


Meeting ended at 20.45.Next meeting TBA.



KCDC – Minutes of Meeting on 22nd February 2017, 19.30 @ St Giles



Directors – I Moffett (chair), L Cruikshank, D Stewart, S Millar, A Bell, J Morse, G Strang


B Kinnaird


IM opened meeting by welcoming Gilmour to the group.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.  (The minutes of the AGM have to be approved at the next AGM).


Hydro Report - AB presented– see Appendix 1.

Several points were then discussed:-

  • Whether the screen (part of which is bent) could be strengthened, but it would need to be completely removed to do this.
  • It was agreed that the report, with some editing, should be added to the KCDC website – AB to edit & email to DS.
  • The Council Flood Alleviation project has told IM that the documents are in the process of being drawn up & they are on the cusp of starting the project.
  • The accumulated rubble hasn’t been washed away this year, due to lack of spates & may have to be moved manually.
  • IM asked if the river bed needs flattening, but whether or not it is done depends on cost.
  • The old weir is eroding badly & letting too much water down the compensation gap.  It needs building up & concreting.
  • None of last year’s budget of £500 has been spent.  Budget of £500 set for this year.
  • The landscaping is coming along nicely – good grass growth on the bank, and the piles of branches are encouraging birds.
  • The emergency instructions need to be somewhere other than in the pump room, in case access is impossible due to flood or fire.  Possibly a copy could be posted in the Golf Club.


Finance Report – LC presented

The exact figures are:    Hydro - £10916

                                    Main Account - £6234 of which £3909 is allocated to Cycling

Several points were then discussed:-

  • IM handed LC the invoice from the Accountant.
  • We need to remind members that subs are due.  Idea to send out newsletter, to include (edited) hydro report & subscription reminder.
  • We have received the first application for community funding from the hydro fund – Linda Thain has requested £500 for training of youngsters.  As this is the first, we should have a presentation & photo to mark the occasion.
  • DS said that the website has been updated to the newer version, but it’s still pretty primitive.  All documents, i.e. funding application, subscription form are now available in pdf & Word format.  The funding application should be prominently displayed on the front page of the site.
  • It was agreed that not many people visit the website so we should start a facebook page (and promote it in the newsletter), which is more likely more people will visit.  Forms & documents could be stored in the ‘files’ section of the page, and there should also be a link to the website.  DS to see what he can do.
  • It was reiterated that that funding applications of up to £500 are approved by the Board; any applications between £500 & the £2,500 maximum must be approved by an independent committee.
  • Insurance – the Zurich policy is due for renewal by the end of February, but we are insured with 3 different providers. Highland Council cover is almost identical  to the Zurich policy& is half the price, so it was agreed that the Zurich policy would not be renewed and that cover would continue via Highland Council (they actually both use the same underwriter). LC noted that he does not have any paperwork for the HC policy, so IM said he would find a contact name & pass it on.
  • It was confirmed that the hydro scheme & woodlands are insured for public liability.
  • LC reported that he has now applied for Gift Aid.



Golf Club Bridge – LC reported

LC said he had received an email from Alex (Pitmain) confirming they are prepared to sanction rebuilding the bridge in the same place, and will give £1,020 towards the costs.  The Golf Club will take responsibility for its upkeep once constructed.  The bridge is expected to cost £10,000-£12,000 & there was discussion as to where we could get the money from.  Possibly the Paths Network could apply for £2,500 from the Hydro community fund. Other suggestions were the Ward Discretionary Fund, LEADER, Duke of Gordon and there may be other sources of public funding.  We will include an appeal in the newsletter.  It will be constructed with girders & wood so as not to be an eyesore.  It will need all-abilities access but will not be wide enough for vehicular access.

Put on record that KCDC would be sympathetic & supportive of the project.


Digressing slightly, we discussed the ‘people counters’ which have been in place on the bridge by The Cross and also at the top of the caravan park for a long time, but nobody is retrieving the data.  COAT is going to give IM the kit needed to access the data.


Land Purchases – IM reported

IM is doing the conveyancing regarding the purchase of the land below the tennis courts. The Tennis Club is working with Highland Council to take over the courts.

Land at West Terrace – the builder has said he is holding the land for community use.  If it is ever handed over, there would have to be a public meeting to get agreement/support.


Path Network signs – IM asked for a list to be compiled of any that need repairing or replacing, and also reports of any paths in need of maintenance.  Some of the signposts are misleading/missing & IM will ask CNPA what they are prepared to do, seeing as they put them up in the first place.

Put on record our thanks to Community Service volunteers for the work on the path/gate beside Scotts – there has been some good feedback re improved accessibility.


Possible new directors

IM asked for suggestions – we are still trying to get Piers Voisey on board.  Other suggestions were the husband of the lady who owns the antique shop; the man in the flats on Middle Terrace; Gillian & Dave who live beside the Iona Gallery.



GS said that he is sure it is wrong that on the accounts the hydro stays at the same value & does not depreciate.  The grant received should be matched by the expenditure.


Once the hydro fund has given out some funds to the community, we should write to the funders with an update & thanks.


Meeting ended @ 21.20.

Next meeting TBA.







KCDC Hydro Report

Nov 2016 - Feb 2017


The hydro has continued to operate without significant problems. It is 2 years since commissioning on 11th February 2015. The annual report was sent to SEPA before the due date of 31st Jan. There were recently a couple of trips cause by loss of electric supply and a grid dip. With automatic restart the latter is not a significant issue so it is not planned to spend much effort investigating a cure. There was also a short shutdown of a few hours for maintenance/modification. A tree was blown into the river and removed by JGS/RK.

This year's generation of 43308 kWh is about 5% less than that of the 1st year, 45655 kWh. The chart below shows the generation between the 18th of each month. Although much of this is within the expected variability of the output, it is worth reviewing this:

1. There was a long slow snow melt in April/May 2015 that did not occur last year.

2. Rubble was cleared from the outlet in June, which compensated to some extent for the drier summer.

3. At the end of the summer the Coanda screen was partially clogged with brown sticky stuff that could not be removed by the normal brushing. A rotary scourer was devised that cleared this and improved the performance for the autumn. See photo of the effect of cleaning one section of the screen.

4. The only spate of the winter so far, at the beginning of December, was relatively small but brought down a lot of rubble that collected at the outlet. In previous years, most of this has been cleared downstream by the following spates. With the dry winter this has not happened and the outlet level is about 200 mm higher than it was in the summer, giving approx 5% reduction in output.

5. By November 2016, the output was only 500kWh lower than the previous year at that time but the period in Jan/Feb with little rain or snow has meant that the output relative to last year deteriorated.



Spillover on the uncleaned panels.

Also shows the replanting by Gilmour and Susan



1. Mounting of the spare level probe as a river level sensor and connection of it to the control display. A stainless steel tube was cast in by JGS and ACB who also installed the cable and modified the wiring of the control system. Some parts were supplied by Ecowave and they modified the software remotely. (Thanks due to Len for getting the KGC router modified to permit this and future mods)  Ecowave have not charged us for this.

Having the river level displayed and recorded has enabled the effect of Pitmain hydro operation to be clearly identified. Will also help in assessing the effect of the flood alleviation scheme.

2. Changed level setpoint to avoid a “plug hole” effect in the Coanda chamber when the flow drops. This has been identified since improved logging was put in place by Ecowave.

3.  High tailwater now shuts down to manual mode. This avoids the need to shut down for flood alerts (although monitoring is still advisable)

4. Large single storage heater at the Clubhouse replaced by two smaller ones to balance the load better and hopefully use Hydro output more efficiently (Jim Pagett – KGC)

Work still to be done, (all waiting until spring/summer):

1. Repointing and stabilisation of old plinth.

2. Stabilisation of old weir at position of slot. There has been significant erosion.

3. Possible clearance of rubble from outlet.

4. Further attempt to smooth flow over parts of Coanda screen damaged in Hurricane Bertha.

5. Inspection of screen

In addition further work by Ecowave – automatic partial screen clean; improved voltage monitoring.







Present:  Ian Moffett(chair),  Jan  Morse , Alistair Bell and Len Cruickshank

Apologies;  Jim Ballantyne, Dave Stewart and Bob Kinnaird

Minutes:  the draft minutes of the meeting held on 4th May were approved

Board Membership:  It was noted with regret that Iain Dyce had decided to resign as he was now                                             unable to devote sufficient time.  Iain was warmly thanked his work and contribution over the years.

Jim Ballantyne has also intimated that he will not put himself forward for re-election at the AGM- which is very much regretted

Donnie Grant had in the last few days intimated that he also felt obliged to stand down due to other pressures.  The Board accepted this with regret but fully understood the position.  It was decided to offer Donnie the position of Honourary   Life President in recognition of his essential role in founding and development of KCDC.

The Board also noted with thanks the Shinty Club’s generous offer to allow the Board to continue to hold Board meetings in the Clubhouse.

The Board decided to ask Gilmour Strang to become a director.

All directors were asked to consider other candidates.

Annual Accounts Update:  Len reported the papers were with Peter Graham and he saw no reason why the draft accounts should not be ready for an AGM in late November.  28th November was suggested and is to be confirmed.  Format the same as in previous years  but with launch of the fund distribution process and an update on cycling.

Hydro Report and financial update:  Alistair presented his detailed report.  Although the output was slightly down as a result of less snow and a rapid melt, the figures were still very satisfactory and it was hoped that the proposed installation of the Flood Alleviation Scheme would help in future years.

Alistair reported that a considerable number of the final and tidying up jobs were complete and a budget of up to £500 was agreed for further such works.

As previously agreed a fund will be built up to carry out the regular repair and maintenance which the Hydro will require.

Land Purchase Updates and the Tennis Courts:  The Board considered the letter from the Tennis Club.  There was sympathy for the Club but the Board considered   that without a lease to the Tennis Club the position was too open ended and carried unacceptable financial risk to KCDC. In light of this the Board decided to politely decline to become involved.

The position regarding other possible land matters was noted.

 Paths:  It was noted that further works were been carried out.

Appointment of a sub-committee to meet with VABS and report back on a system for distribution of funds:  Len and Ian agreed.

Funding  Applications:  Len agreed to take charge of these.

Next Meeting:  This would be fixed when there was certainty regarding the draft accounts but provisionally late October/early November.

AOCB:  Len reported progress with Pitmain on a replacement bridge at the Golf Clubhouse.  This was welcomed and Len undertook to keep the Board advised.  Jan to contact the army to see if they could help.

The Meeting then closed



Meeting of KCDC 04/05/16


Present: I.Moffett (chair); J.Morse;  D.Grant; B.Kinnaird; L.Cruickshank; J.Ballantyne; A.Bell; S.Millar


Apologies: I.Dyce; D.Stewart



Minutes: The minutes of 23/03/16 were accepted


Hydro: AB reported that some generation had been lost due to fast snow melt but that the current generation income was satisfactory. AB outlined the purchase the of spare parts required. Thanks were expressed to Gilmour and Susan Strang for their help with the hydro.


Finance: LC  outlined the current financial position noting that KCDC is in credit. LC is working with the bank to set up three accounts- one for KCDC (including cycling), one for the hydro and one reserve account for the hydro- and this process is currently in train.


Walkfest: Arrangements for the walk on 14/05/16 were discussed. The walk will be a route around Loch Gynack taking in the Pitman hydro schemes. Refreshments will be available in the golf clubhouse afterwards with a subsequent visit to the KCDC hydro scheme. The walk has been risk assessed.Walkers will be required to sign a participation form. It should be noted that no dogs will be allowed on the walk due to the proximity of lambs in some areas. Further details can be seen on posters around Kingussie.


Land Purchases: KCDC are delighted that Highland Council have agreed to give them land to the west of the tennis courts to improve the Gynack Mill trail. KCDC would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott for giving permission to use part of their land to widen the path to 1.5 metres to improve access from Ardbroilach Road. It was agreed that work should start as soon as possible.


There was some further discussion re paths with new options for a return route from Raitts being explored but it was agreed that it might be prudent to await the outcome of A9 dialling proposals before making final decisions.


Concern was also expressed at the narrowness of the road for pedestrians and cyclists on the new Spey Bridge particularly with regard to the extension of the Speyside Way to Ruthven Barracks.


Cycling: BK reported on arrangements for the Bikeathon and Bikefest to be held on 5th June which will start at KHS and finish in Ardvonie Park following the Laggan route. BK noted that both KCDC and Cycle Friendly Kingussie are insured for this event. The Ride Out programme continues with two per week for which details are on Facebook and community web page. The CFK website is now live at www.cyclefriendlykingussie.org . The council would now like to provide cycle parking outside the Court House with possible further racks out side Service Sport. Coaching skills props have been purchased as part of Cycling Scotland grant and are stored at KHS. KHS has also been successful in obtaining a grant towards the building of a coaching/pump track at the school.


AOCB: JM reported that Highland Council are to provide a bus shelter outside the Duke of Gordon and that the remaining work on Kingussie’s pavements is to be completed. JM also reported that arrangements are in place this year for planting in the Gynack Gardens but it is likely that volunteers will be required next year.


Next Meeting; TBA



KCDC: Minutes of Meeting of 23/03/2016


Present: I Moffett (Chair), J.Morse, D.Grant, A.Bell, J.Ballantyne


Apologies: I.Dyce, S.Millar, L.Cruickshank, B.Kinnaird




Minutes: Minutes of 27/01/2016 accepted


COAT: IM noted that he is now also chair of COAT but foresaw no conflict of interest. This was agreed.


Finance: IM gave a financial outline from a report by LC noting that KCDC is now in credit. Directors’ loans will now be repaid and LC will produce updated accounts once this has been done. IM noted that there will be a statement for each account: KCDC, Hydro and Cycling.


Hydro: AB gave a detailed report on the hydro scheme noting in particular that payment for FIT and export has now been received and that the hydro is now in business.A report has been sent to SEPA as required with no adverse comments received. The operation of the hydro in February and March has been uneventful and problem of tripping of the system on grid voltage drops appears to have been resolved. Some work will need to be done on golf clubhouse consumption logging to optimise the use of hydro generated electricity. This needs to be done to comply with conditions of funding from CARES. There will also be some final modifications to be done , some spares purchased and summer /low water maintenance completed.


IM thanked DG and AB for their efforts in getting the hydro operational.


Paths: IM and AB met with Jamie Williamson to look at paths and trees. Work will need to be carried out on some trees due to oak branch drop.


Cycling: arrangements for the Bikefest are ongoing.


Walking Festival: IM noted that mountain leaders will have to be sought to accompany the walks.


Circular: Arrangements will be put in place to deliver KCDC membership forms and cycling information at the same time.


Land Purchases: IM outlined progress and proposals for potential improvements to the paths network. DG noted various dates for deadlines for funding applications and indicated that it would be necessary to specify what KCDC wishes to do for these applications. DG also noted that there will a Business Briefing for the A9 on 7th April in Boat of Garten for those able to attend.


AOCB: JM noted current position with regard to wind farm proposals, the competition for shopfronts in the village and proposals for undergrounding some of the new electricity supply network.


The meeting closed at 20.45


Next meeting: 04/05/2016 at 19.30


KCDC: Minute of Meeting held on 27/01/2016


Present: I.Moffett (Chair), D.Grant, J.Morse, A.Schofield, L.Cruickshank, S.Millar, B.Kinnaird, A.Bell, J.Ballantyne


Apologies: I.Dyce


Minutes of AGM: The minutes of AGM held on  26/11/2015 were approved. IM noted the change of rules by which half of the board will stand down and be eligible for reelection.


Chair: IM was confirmed as chair for a further year.


Board Membership: IM welcomed J.Morse as council representative to replace A.Schofield who is standing down due to other commitments. However. AS expressed her desire to continue to help as much as possible. IM expressed the board’s thanks to AS.


Sub-Committees: It was agreed that minutes of the sub-committees (Hydro, Paths, Cycling, Biodiversity/Landscaping) circulated to directors will be noted at full meetings of KCDC.


Hydro: AB reported that contract from Scottish Power is still awaited but AB was hopeful that this would be available by mid February. AB expected that the water flow to Kingussie hydro will be improved by the Pitman scheme. AB noted that that remote access to data is now working for which he thanked LC and the Golf Club. Data logging is also installed and AB and presented associated graphs for information. The graphs will indicate possible efficiency savings for future discussion. Volunteers will be required to help with further landscaping work around the hydro. IM noted outline financial planning for the first tranche of hydro money much of which will be required to recoup previous outlay. DG noted that Aigas Associates would like a group of twelve to visit the hydro on 29th February to see how it works. IM suggested arrangements for a community open day.


Paths: IM noted that B.Kinnaird (Cycling) and A.Dunn (Paths) had made submissions to the A9 Dualling group with regard to path maintenance and improvement around the road area. IM also observed that volunteers would be required to complete the maintenance of the path to Creag Bheag above the caravan park. There ensued funding discussion with regard to completing a route from Lynchat to Kingussie.


Cycling: BK noted that the cycling group were delighted to have Chest Heart Stroke Scotland as the organising body for the bikeathon of 2016. The charity’s main responsibility is to organise the event and insurance while local volunteers will sought to help out on the day. The event to take place on 5th June will have two parts: the bikeathon which is anticipated to start from KHS in the morning and finish in Ardvonie where the annual Bikefest will take place in the afternoon. Bk also noted that it looks like Kingussie is well on the way to becoming a bronze level cycle friendly community. The cycling group still has rideouts with one to take place on 31st January with a bigger programme to recommence in April. It is hoped to produce a brochure and trailhead signs to promote the cycling initiative.


Walkfest: It was decided to organise one walk to coincide with the Nature festival in Aviemore.


Land Purchases: IM and DG reported on the the potential land purchases below the tennis courts and behind West Terrace. During the discussions of cost, timescale and potential difficulties BK noted a declaration of interest with regard to West Terrace.


Finance: LC outlined the current financial position and progress on the change of signatories. Membership forms will be distributed in March.


AOCB: none


The meeting closed at 20.55

Next meeting: 23rd March at 19.30 



KCDC: Minutes Of Meeting Of 4/11/15


Present: I Moffett (Chair); D Grant; L Cruickshank; B Kinnaird; I Dyce; J Ballantyne; A Schofield




Minutes: Minutes of 14/10/15 approved.


Finance: LC outlined the current satisfactory position with regard to the hydro. IM reported that FIT tariffs for the hydro will be inclusive of VAT. It was agreed that LC should look into online banking for KCDC accounts. IM asked the directors to report any outstanding loans made to KCDC either to himself or to Peter Graham. IM reported that the accounts should be ready in draft form soon. It was agreed to invite Peter Graham as the accountant to attend the AGM.


Hydro: DG reported that the hydro has currently generated 30,000 units. IM reported that FIT approval has now completed the second of three stages. IM also reported that Pitman is to start generating on 11th November and it was agreed that this will probably smooth out the water flow to KCDC hydro. LC noted that the remote access to the Golf Club is now working and the directors would like to thank the club for arranging this.


Cycling: BK reported most cycling volunteers are now Velotech trained and have completed their third maintenance night. Ride outs still continue on a Tuesday and Friday but numbers attending now dropping due to the darker nights and will regroup in the Spring. The result of the bid for bronze level of the Cycling Scotland award should be known by the end of November. BK announced that sadly the annual Scottish Bikeathon will no longer be held in Kingussie due to the retiral of the local organisers and will be transferred to Aberdeen. However the cycling group are currently exploring options to keep the legacy of the Bikeathon alive. BK also reported on a positive meeting with the A9 Dualling Group and hoped that the road project would lead to good quality cycle routes in conjunction with Safe Routes To School.


Railway: IM, BK and As to attend a meeting of the Highland Mainline Community Partnership in Pitlochry.


Landscaping and Trees: IM reported on ongoing discussions to improve the paths in the Bluebell Wood. ID to prepare a report on trees for the AGM as he is unable to attend. DG reported on meeting with Historic Environment Scotland with regard to the souterrain and the proposal for a return path from Raitts.


EGM/AGM: There was a discussion of the proposals for the EGM regarding the update of the KCDC articles relating to the election of directors and a discussion of the format and agenda for the AGM. Notice of these meetings was sent out on 2/11/15.


KCDC Board Meeting

14th October 2015

Present Ian Moffett; Donnie Grant; Ailsa Schofield; Alastair Bell and Iain Dyce

Apologies  Jim Ballantyne, Bob Kinnaird and Dave Stewart


Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on 9th September were approved

IM reported that Amanda Calvert had moved, would no longer be able to attend meetings and would stand down at the AGM.

Hydro : AB produced a report and answered questions.  Points arising

           Remote monitoring.  The router still requires reconfigured.  Carrobes are not replying to emails.

           Flood alleviation.  IM reported that he had been advised last week by the Council that the Planning application would be lodged in the next few days but as yet this had not appeared on the CNPA portal.

           Finance; The situation is unchanged since the last meeting and we still await approval from Ofgem.  The delay is caused by the increase in Ofgem workload due to recent government announcements.  However Ofgem have confirmed that our FIT payments will be backdated to the application date in February.  The amount due to 31st August is £6,500.

            Display Boards; These were now in place.  Also there had been considerable use of the picnic benches.

Sub-committee Reports



Trees :  Initial discussion with the Council regarding the land to the West of the Tennis Courts had been favourable.  There is still, however, a considerable way to go. 

The discussions with Davall were promising

Paths: The report was noted and DG updated on subsequent progress.

Procedures:  It was agreed that the sub-committee reports did not require to be attached to the minutes but that decisions resulting thereon should be minuted.



Hydro Open Day:  It was agreed that this should be held for the benefit of the members who had supported the project throughout.  It was agreed that this should be held at a week-end just after the AGM –so that it could be advertised at the AGM

AGM: If possible the 25th November was considered.  The AGM would be preceded by an EGM to update the Memo and Arts and would contain reports on all usual matters including the additional land at the Gynack and a report on the possible new project .  IM to liaise re draft accounts. IM  asked directors to advise Peter Munro of the Directors’ loans outstanding at 31st August.

Date of next meeting; 4th November


The meeting closed at 9pm

The meeting closed at 20.40

Next meeting: EGM/AGM on 26/11/15 at 7pm in Talla nan Ros.


KCDC: Minutes of meeting held on 09/09/15


Present: I Moffett (chair); D. Grant; J. Ballantyne; L. Cruickshank; A. Bell; S. Millar; D. Stewart


Apologies: I. Dyce; B. Kinnaird


Minutes: Minutes of 05/08//15 approved


Finance: The directors discussed current income and expenditure and were happy with the present situation. SM wishes to stand down as treasurer from September due to other commitments. LC will take over as treasurer and is to meet with Peter Munro to discuss the accounts. It was agreed to maintain separate accounts for the various activities with which KCDC is involved. It was also agreed that there would be no need to produce copies of accounts for funders this year.


Hydro: AB gave a detailed report on the hydro. Ofgem Accreditation is still awaited although Ofgem has confirmed that payments for FITs will be backdated to February. New signs are in position at the hydro site. Work has been done by G. Strang and AB on concreting parts of the site ( step and rock armour) but needs to be completed together with some site tidying. AB has also identified some remediation work for the coanda screen as a result of Hurricane Berta last year. This will be done when river levels are low enough. Other work still to be completed are the remote access, installation of data logging equipment and a possible river water sensor. Regular inspections for output optimisation will have to continue in the meantime. IM suggested that the hydro should be included in the Open Doors initiative next year. After discussion it was agreed that there should first be an Open Door event for KCDC members with a provisional date for 3rd-4th October 2015.


Cycling: This initiative is still going well. BK to give a full report at next meeting.


Landscaping and Trees: IM proposed some extensions to KCDC land and the directors agreed to pursue this authorising IM to negotiate with the Council with regard to land below the tennis courts and DG to negotiate with Duvall with regard to land upstream of the hydro. Other projects were also discussed. IM is also to investigate further tree clearing.


Paths: IM informed the meeting on progress regarding the path from Raitts.


Sub-committees: membership of the four sub-committees as proposed at the last meeting was agreed.



AGM: possible dates for the AGM were discussed

ICHSP: KCDC has been approached by the International Center (sic) on Small Hydro Power to take part in a case study with regard to the hydro. The directors will consider this further at a future meeting.


The meeting closed at 20.50

Next meeting: 14/10/15 at 19.30


KCDC: Minutes of meeting held on 05/08/2015


Present: I.Moffett (Chair); D,Grant; L. Cruickshank; J.Ballantyne; B. Kinnaird;  I.Dyce;  A.Bell;



Apologies: D. Stewart; S.Millar



Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted


Finance: AB LC and DG outlined the current financial situation for the hydro with regard to work still to be done , outstanding loans and current balances. It was agreed that the current financial situation is satisfactory. It was noted that the golf club currently use 60% of the electricity generated. With regard to cycling BK will produce a forward financial plan for projected costs. LC will take over finance for KCDC from 1st September. It was agreed that further memberships are still required and efforts should be made to recruit new members. There was a discussion of how future finances should be organised and it was agreed that subject to discussion with the auditors that there should be sub accounts  set up for the various activities for which KCDC is the umbrella organisation.


Hydro: AB outlined the current state of progress. To date the hydro has generated 23000 kwH which is perhaps a reflection of the bad weather and is currently running at a taste of 7 kwH. AB outlined routine maintenance work required including screen cleaning and a slight problem with a sticking vane. The main thing needing attention is software and AB expressed some concern at the slow progress of establishing a remote monitoring link as the hydro currently needs to be visited every day to take readings. Work also needs to be done to improve the earthing of the electricity connection at the golf club. AB also noted that lightning had caused a trip in the system three times in the six months of operation but this is easily reset. DG suggested the removal of trees above the golf course. It was felt that this would be of little benefit until trees even further up are removed.


Cycling: BK reported that momentum had been maintained over the summer and that the ride out volunteers were keen to keep going.


Trees and Landscaping: ID noted that T. Garrow is waiting for river levels to go down for tree removal. The meeting acknowledged £500 from CNP and £500 from Highland Council Ward Discertionary Fund towards tree removal. ID requested renewal of Community Woodland membership and this was agreed. IM clarified the boundaries of KCDC land from a request from AS with regard to fencing and it was agreed that the concern with regard to fencing did not apply to KCDC property.


Management Structures: IM proposed the creation of three subcommittees for Hydro, Woodland, Cycling and Paths. These committees would meet regularly with a full meeting of KCDC required less often, perhaps every two months. This was agreed.


AOCB: DG referred to the idea of having KCDC sweaters available and is to pursue costs.


The meeting closed at 21.00. Next meeting 9th September at 19.30 


KCDC: Minutes of Meeting 15/04/15


Present: I Moffett (Chair); D Grant; J Ballantyne; D Stewart; L Cruickshank; I Dyce; A Bell; S Millar


Apologies: A Schofield; B Kinnaird; A Calvert



Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting held on 04 03 15 were approved.


Hydro: AB reported that the facility had been shut down for two days due to a flood alert and for a further day due to a power failure caused by by strong winds. However the system has been running well since these two interruptions and is currently running at desired flow levels. Final OFGEM accreditation is still awaited but AB thought that this should be received before too long. Due to various outstanding loans it was estimated that it will take about a year of generating for the scheme to reach a break even point. However, the system is now supplying 60% of the golf club’s electricity. There was then some further discussion of the current landscaping works and possible signage requirements for the area. A group of 25 persons from the North of Scotland Energy Saving group is to visit the site and will entertained with teas in the golf club. DG asked the group’s opinion of designs for sweatshirts which will serve as a sort of uniform for visiting days such as this.


Walkfest: The Walkfest will follow the same pattern as in previous years.The dates for the Walkfest are 15th May in Talla nan Ros for the talks and the 16th of May for the walks. Posters with details of the walks available will be put up.


Cycling: IM drew attention to a report on the cycling project submitted by BK and which is reproduced here:


I am  pleased to report on behalf  of the Steering group that Cycle Friendly Kingussie is now really building momentum, and we have had an excellent response from the community regarding volunteers for the project! Our first batch of volunteers have undergone Ride Leader Training, and we have Velotech Training( bike maintenance) happening this weekend. The first phase of our Activity Programme is now confirmed and is being promoted via a range of different channels.(copy attached)  If you visit  our increasingly popular  Bikefest Facebook page , you will see all the event details. You can also find a new list of routes promoted on MTBtrails.info  using Kingussie as the hub. 


We are having a mini ‘launch event’ at Kingussie High school, 7pm on 21st April, to promote our Activity Programme, and create a further opportunity for the community to engage with the project, and of course you are very welcome to attend. The other key date for the diary is the bikefest on the 13th of June. 



Biodiversity: ID reported that there are now enough trees for planting but tree guards will be required to be purchased. Work is also required to be done on woodrush in the woodland. ID is to attend a conference on biodiversity soon.


Membership: SM reported that there are currently 53 members raising total of £520 in fees. It was agreed to send out reminders by e-mail.


The meeting closed at 2030. Next meeting Wednesday 13th May at 1930.



KCDC Minutes of Meeting 11/02/15


Present: I.Moffett (chair), D.Grant,  J.Ballantyne, L.Cruickshank, I.Dyce, A.Bell, A.Schofield, D.Stewart


Apologies: B.Kinnaird


Minutes: Minutes of 11/12/14 approved.


Hydro: AB reported on connection to the grid. In theory the hydro can now generate as much as required up to a maximum of 15kw but in practice it will potentially take a long time for the system to settle in. Also as yet only preliminary accreditation is available and final accreditation will be necessary to apply to Ofgem. Once this is received an application will be made tp Scottish Power for feed-in tariffs. The golf club can now benefit from any electricity generated. LC then outlined the current financial position for the directors and DG outlined funding applications for landscaping the river area beyond the hydro environs. ID and AC to meet with representatives of the National Park in this regard.


Cycling: IM drew attention to the report by BK on cycling submitted previously to the directors in which BK noted that the initiative is well on schedule.


Spring Newsletter: IM outlined the contents of the newsletter and membership renewal form noting that KCDC is now gift aid registered.


Finance: IM noted that insurance renewal is due.


Charitable Donations: With reference to a system operated by the Glens of Foudland Wind Farm Community Trust IM noted that once the hydro is generating sufficient income KCDC will need  to have a system in place for grants to local organisations. It was agreed to discuss this further at the next meeting.


AOCB: IM noted that the Wade Centre requires volunteers as relief bus driver.


The meeting closed at 20.40


Next Meeting: 04/03/15




Minute of KCDC Meeting held on 16/12/14 in Golf Clubhouse


Present: I Moffett (Chair); D.Grant; I.Dyce; S.Millar; J.Ballantyne; B.Kinnaird;A.Schofield; A.Bell;

               G.Strang; L. Cruickshank




Walkfest: IM reported that Christopher Fleet, Senior Map Curator in the National Library of Scotland and author of books on Scottish Maps, is visiting Kingussie as part of an outreach programme of the National Library of Scotland and will give a talk as part of the Walkfest 2015 programme.



Hydro: The directors noted the grant of £4000 from Highland council and discussed necessary financing of the remaining work to be done. Some electrical work is still outstanding before generation can begin and later in the year work will need to be done on landscaping and relaying the pathway to the bridge. The lamppost will also need to be re-connected



AOCB: None


The meeting closed at 13.45  


KCDC Minutes of Meeting held on 12/11/2014


Present: I.Moffett (chair); D.Grant; B.Kinnaird; S.Millar; J.Ballantyne; L.Cruickshank; I.Dyce; A.Bell


Apologies: D. Stewart; A.Calvert; A. Schofield



Minutes of previous meeting held on 08/10/2014 accepted


Hydro: AB reported that the mechanical equipment is now in place on the platform. SSE have made the three phase connection to the golf club and now awaiting Scottish Power to make the connection to the grid. Following discussion arrangements for presenting the site and equipment to interested parties were agreed with the event to take place at the golf club on Tuesday 16th December. AB then outlined the programme of work which remains to be completed which includes completion of the block and roof work for the turbine hut, installation of the control panel and associated electrical work. The connection between the turbine and the pipe has been measured and is being made and AB estimated that it would take about another three weeks to get water running through. The directors then wished to express their thanks to the Ward Discretionary Grant, the Peoples Postcode Trust for their awards of £4000 and £5000 respectively. A further award from Community Landfill for £5000 is still to be confirmed.


Reinstatement of Bridge: LC proposed that there should be a consortium of interested parties with a view to replacing the bridge near the golf clubhouse. The directors agreed that KCDC should be supportive of this initiative.


Pathway: IM reported that the line of the new path at Auchentuckle is being investigated and should be agreed soon.


Flood Alleviation: IM reported that following a meeting attended by IM and AB further information is currently awaited.


Community Website: the directors felt that the current site is quite complicated  to negotiate and could be simplified.


Cycling: BK reported that a first grant has been obtained and that the first meeting of the cycling steering group will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 18th November in KHS.


AGM: the AGM for KCDC will take place in Talla nan Ros on 25th November at 7pm.


AOCB: None


The meeting closed at 20.45

Next Meeting: Tuesday 16th December at 19.30

KCDC: Minutes of Meeting held on 08/10/14


Present: I. Moffett (Chair); D. Grant; S. Millar; B. Kinnaird; J. Ballantyne; I. Dyce;

A. Bell; A. Schofield

Apologies: A Calvert; L. Cruikshank




Minutes: Minutes of 10 09 14 approved.


Hydro: AB reported on work done and that still to be completed following August floods and additional work required following more recent heavy rain. AB outlined work required to bolster bank and path to turbine house. Ways of removal of remaining trees washed down by floods discussed. The turbine procurement process is making good progress and once it is installed building work on the turbine house and electrical systems can continue. Process of OFGEM accreditation and setting up of FIT payments after commissioning discussed.



Landscaping: ID presented options for landscaping the upper area of the hydro site near the bridge and the positioning of paths and notice boards was agreed.


Cycling: BK reported on the proposal for a bike park and intimated that the location is likely to be resolved by the kind offer of the use of KHS school grounds for the bike park. BK reported that Kingussie will be one of four pilot organisations developing the concept of a cycle friendly community for which a grant of £17,000 has been awarded to Kingussie. The directors agreed that KCDC would be the umbrella organisation for this cycling initiative.



AGM: The AGM for KCDC will be held in Talla nan Ros at 19.30 on 27th November.


Raitts: IM reported on outline proposals for a walking/cycling pathway linking Lynchat with Kingussie.


AOCB: AC to report on Rural parliament.

             DG drew attention to the Community Ownership meeting in Boat of Garten

             DG and AB to attend and talk at a Midlothian meeting on hydro schemes.



Next Meeting: 12th November at 19.30


The meeting closed at 21.00


KCDC: Minutes of Meeting 10/09/14


Present: I. Moffett (Chair); D. Grant; J. Ballantyne; S. Millar; D. Stewart; A. Bell; I.Dyce; A. Schofield


Apologies: L. Cruickshank


Minutes: Minutes of 13/08/2014 approved


Hydro: AB presented a report on the current situation of work on the hydro. The civil engineering work was completed on schedule and the minor damage caused by the heavy flooding has been reinstated and additional large boulders have been put in place to terrace and reinforce the slope and further protect the installation. Further work on the turbine house and electrical connection to the golf course is on-going. The turbine is expected to be delivered in October. Trees washed down by the floods have been removed from above the bridge but some of these trees still need to be removed from downstream area. Work will need to done on fencing to allow the bridge to reopen together with paths, picnic benches and information boards. Also clearing of silt deposits from the flood will need to be completed. The directors agreed to put out a request for volunteers to help with some of the work.


Cycling: Regarding the cycling initiative the directors reaffirmed their support for Kingussie as a cycle friendly town but were of the opinion that the former putting green was not the right site for the proposed cycle park.


Title Deeds: IM clarified the boundaries of KCDC land along the banks of the Gynack.


Loch Gynack Path:  IM reported on behalf of A. Dunn that Doug Stewart is expecting progress on planning from Pitmain and KCDC will be kept informed and involved.


Insurance: IM outlined the terms of insurance for KCDC. Insurance requirements for the hydro were agreed.


Flood Prevention: KCDC has been approached with proposals for flood prevention which will be investigated further.


Walkfest 2015: Suggestions were made to invite speakers for the festival.


Finance: SM reported on arrangements for end of year accounts to be approved at AGM which will be held on Tuesday 25th November in Talla nan Ros.


AOCB: None

The meeting closed at 20.45.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 8th October at 19.30KCDC: Minutes of Meeting 10/09/14



Present: I. Moffett (Chair); D. Grant; J. Ballantyne; S. Millar; D. Stewart; A. Bell; I.Dyce; A. Schofield


Apologies: L. Cruickshank


Minutes: Minutes of 13/08/2014 approved


Hydro: AB presented a report on the current situation of work on the hydro. The civil engineering work was completed on schedule and the minor damage caused by the heavy flooding has been reinstated and additional large boulders have been put in place to terrace and reinforce the slope and further protect the installation. Further work on the turbine house and electrical connection to the golf course is on-going. The turbine is expected to be delivered in October. Trees washed down by the floods have been removed from above the bridge but some of these trees still need to be removed from downstream area. Work will need to done on fencing to allow the bridge to reopen together with paths, picnic benches and information boards. Also clearing of silt deposits from the flood will need to be completed. The directors agreed to put out a request for volunteers to help with some of the work.


Cycling: Regarding the cycling initiative the directors reaffirmed their support for Kingussie as a cycle friendly town but were of the opinion that the former putting green was not the right site for the proposed cycle park.


Title Deeds: IM clarified the boundaries of KCDC land along the banks of the Gynack.


Loch Gynack Path:  IM reported on behalf of A. Dunn that Doug Stewart is expecting progress on planning from Pitmain and KCDC will be kept informed and involved.


Insurance: IM outlined the terms of insurance for KCDC. Insurance requirements for the hydro were agreed.


Flood Prevention: KCDC has been approached with proposals for flood prevention which will be investigated further.


Walkfest 2015: Suggestions were made to invite speakers for the festival.


Finance: SM reported on arrangements for end of year accounts to be approved at AGM which will be held on Tuesday 25th November in Talla nan Ros.


AOCB: None

The meeting closed at 20.45.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 8th October at 19.30


KCDC: Minutes of  Meeting  13/08/2014


Present: D.Grant (Chair);  A. Schofield; J.Ballantyne; I. Dyce; D. Stewart; A. Calvert;

A.Bell; A. Dunn

Apologies: I. Moffett; S. Millar


Minutes: Minutes of 09/07/14 accepted. Proposed by AS and seconded by AB.


Paths: A. Dunn attended to talk about the current position regarding paths. AD explained that the weather had caused damage to the Curlew Trail on the south side of Loch Gynack and also to the trail and bridge on the approach to Newtonmore. COAT is to look at the problems and warning signs about its unsafe nature will be erected at the bridge over the Allt Laraidh.

With regard to the fences erected across the Curlew Trail path AD outlined Pitmain’s position and explained that temporary access is in place until a permanent track is made. AD considered that a new track would contribute towards the creation of a very desirable circular route around Loch Gynack for walkers, cyclists and skiers with potential walking extension to Creag Bheag via the old township of Auchentuckle. The directors were in complete agreement that KCDC should work with Pitmain to achieve this.

The directors expressed their appreciation for the work which AD has put into this.


Hydro: AB reported on current progress. The civil engineering work begun on 11th June by UB Civils was completed ahead of schedule and AB expressed his appreciation to UB Civils for their good work. After the recent heavy rain there was only very minor damage to the infrastructure. However, it has been decided that large rocks will be necessary to further protect the structure and banking. UB Civils will be employed again to complete any necessary further civil engineering work. AB also explained that the electric cable is ready to be laid in September and outlined the on-going turbine procurement process along with some technical details regarding the turbine.


DG outlined landscaping plans for the flat section at the top of area.


The meeting approved a proposal by AB that KCDC should work with UB Civils to submit the scheme for a community award.


Walkfest: DG reported that the Walkfest 2015 will take place on the weekend of 15th-16th May. DG noted his thanks for the payment of the Ward Discretionary Grant for the last walkfest.


Website: DS explained he is working on some technical difficulties with the website which should be up and running again soon.


Finance: DG outlined the current financial position.


The meeting closed at 20.30

Next meeting: TBA




Minutes, Board Meeting,13 May 2014


Ian Moffett, Donnie Grant, Ailsa Schofield, Iain Dyce, Sulekha Miller, Jim Ballantyne and Bob Kinnaird



Amanda Calvert, Len Cruikshank


Minutes of previous meeting, 16th April, previously circulated and agreed.


  1. Walkfest

30 (Talks) and 31 (Walks) May, 2014

General discussion re flyers and improvements made with detailed arrangements

KCDC representation on Walks:

Walk 1 - Sulekha  Miller

Walk 2 - Jen Dunn and Anne Cruikshank

Walk 3 - Donnie Grant

Walk 4 - Jim Ballantyne

Walk 5 - Iain Dyce

Walk 6 - Led by Gordon Stewart


Email to be sent to all members


  1. Bikefest

16 June 2014

Bob Kinnaird reported that grants had been received from Glenmore and Celebrate (the Commonwealth Games Charity).  Unfortunately the largest grant application had been unsuccessful resulting in a slightly changed programme -  the removal of a display by trick cyclists.

The event would have a Commonwealth Games theme, bunting, prizes with David Smith, our own para-olympian handing out the medals.

1000 people are expected.  Similar stalls to last year with the addition of “ Ride Outs” for various groups.

All with a community theme.


Bob confirmed the Bikefest was insured through the Highland Council. Because of the expected numbers, First Aid cover being paid for.


  1. Cycling

The Bike Forum is investigating a Bike Green and Outdoor Gym with the local youth and school involved.

Progress also being made towards a Cycling Friendly Village

As ever enthusiasm and people getting involved needed.



  1. Hydro

Donnie reported on progress

  • Final figure awaited from one of the contractors
  • CNPA Planning formal response awaited on trees and which to come down.  Donnie confirmed this has been resolved
  • The street light at the Strathlynn Bridge requires to be disconnected.  KCDC then take down and store for re-use
  • Volunteers required for Saturday 7 June to take down the wooden fence (may re-use parts) beside the bridge with the metal safety fence being erected to replace
  • Insurance – still questions on the long term insurance of the Hydro but Public Liability to be extended
  • Estimates had been received for tree removal and potential funder investigated.
  • Members to be advised that wood available for removal.
  • Future planting of the triangle at the bridge

This will be finalised later with a scheme to be agreed with the Council.  The large birch tree on the triangle  and the oak will remain with the said triangle becoming a viewing and picnic area, including interpretive panel.

  • Closure of Strathlynn Bridge

A period of 12 weeks to allow for the required Hydro works has been agreed with CNPA who are assisting with the drafting of the notices.


  1. Paths System

Donnie reported that Andy Dunn will not be renewing his appointment with COAT and was warmly thanked for his hard work.  Andy will require to be replaced, preferably by a director.  A volunteer is to be sought.  Anyone interested please contact Donnie Grant or Ian Moffett.

Donnie to order more bottoming.

Community Service are at present working on the path up from West Terrace.

In addition, Community Service are looking at a list of small jobs.


  1. Accounts

Sulekha reported she would be speaking to all directors to discuss the accounting arrangements to be adopted to accommodate KCDC’s various projects.


  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 11 June

KCDC Meeting: 14/08/13

Present: I.Moffett (Chair), D.Grant, J.Ballantyne, D.Stewart, A.schofield, S.Millar, A.Calvert

Apologies: I.Dyce

1. Minutes of 10/07/13 approved

2. Hydro: DG reported that new tenders for civil engineering had been received but that the amounts were still too high to be affordable. The lengthy tendering process has meant that the deadline for river work to start this year has also been missed. However, DG was hopeful that with some changes to the specifications with regard to costs that work could start in March next year using local contractors. DG has also contacted funders and confirmed that promised funding is still available for delayed start. DG felt that the position regarding the hydro scheme was still generally positive but emphasised that this latest initiative would either see the scheme get underway or be abandoned.

3. Station: IM outlined the arrangements for the day and the negotiations with Network Rail and Scotrail which are on-going. As well as the programme for the open day at the station on 15th September IM outlined the ideas for a series of events to take place before and after the open day. Posters will be put up outlining these events in due course. IM also requested for volunteers to take on supervision duties on the day itself.

4. Heritage Festival: IM and DG to attend a forthcoming meeting and report back.

5.   Finance: Arrangements for auditing the accounts were discussed and will be            explored further at next meeting.

AOCB:  DG reported that 20 tons of bottoming had arrived for the path at the golf   course and requested volunteers to help move it.

The meeting closed at 20.40
Next meeting: 4/09/13 at 19.30

KCDC: Minutes of meeting held on 10/07/2013

Present: I.Moffett (Chair); D.Grant; S. Millar; J.Ballantyne; I. Dyce; A. Schofield;
D. Stewart; A.Dunn


1. Minutes of 5/06/2013 were approved.


2. Hydro:  DG reported on visits by two companies to discuss quotes for construction work. Quotations are currently still too high. Although there are still possibilities for bringing costs down it is likely that a community share issue will be necessary to reach the appropriate level of funding. Negotiations are still on-going but finalised figures should be available soon.

3. Walkfest: AD reported on the organisation of the last walkfest which was overall a great success. AD and IM reported that there is considerable interest in both participating and providing for a similar event next year. However AD intimated that he will be unable to take on the role of organiser for next year and the directors expressed their regret at this and hoped that he would still be able to act as adviser. Possibilities for next year including the need to make a charge for the event were discussed. DG reported on a festival meeting which included the idea to try to expand the various events with professional help. This might help KCDC with some of the organisation of the walkfest. It was agreed that KCDC will organise the event for next year with the directors taking on roles to be decided.

4. A9 Dualling: There was discussion of the KCDC submission regarding the dualling of the A9 with emphasis on the provision on continuing the Wade road to Ruthven Barracks away from traffic and providing a footpath/cycle track to Lynchat to link with Raitts track.

5. Station Centenary Celebrations: IM reported that arrangements were well underway and that negotiations with Network rail are proving fruitful..

6. Woodlands and Biodiversity: ID reported on ongoing weed and bracken control and removal of saplings. The directors agreed to meet to help with clearing bracken especially on Golf Course Circular.

7. Membership and Finance: A successful visit by a group of Norwegians to see the work of KCDC resulted in a kind donation from them of £50.

8. AOCB: IM reported that Bob Kinnaird has requested that KCDC act as an umbrella organiation for an application to the Commonwealth games Legacy Fund to assist with making Kingussie a cycle friendly town. However, the directors agreed that more information would be necessary before a decision on this could be made.


The meeting closed at 20.35     
Next Meeting: 14th August at 19.30.


KCDC: Minutes of Meeting held on 26/02/2013

Present: I. Moffett (Chair); D. Grant; J. Ballantyne; S. Millar; D.Stewart; A. Calvert

Apologies: I. Dyce; A. Schofield


1. Minutes: Minutes of previous meeting held on 04/ 02/ 13 accepted.

2. Membership: Format of membership forms agreed. Inclusion of a box and statement regarding Gift Aid to be included. AC and SM to agree a form of words for this. Distribution of forms to be as previously agreed by e-mail from DG.

3. Funding: SM drew attention to the Scottish Highland Renewable Energy Conference and the Chestnut Fund for small grant applications. DG will look after this.

4. New Director: DG reported that Len Cruickshank has agreed to be co-opted as a director. Len has previously served on KCDC and is currently involved with the hydro project.

5. Hydro: DG reported on the financial situation and the need to make a decision about starting the project. The total cost is in the region of £140,000 plus VAT (recoverable). The construction work is covered by grants as is the connection phase if all grants become available. However, if there is a shortfall in the latter area this would be covered by a community share issue while Community Energy Scotland would also be able to help with connection. SEPA and SNH have still to agree to the revised scheme but DG was hopeful that final planning agreement would be given within the next few days. The delivery period for the turbine is four months so work would have to start in April in for completion to be achieved in September/October. There was further discussion on the need to have updated  estimates and whether a trading arm would be necessary to run the completed project. Len Cruickshank, Alistair Bell and Donnie Grant will form a sub- committee to run the completed project either as part of KCDC or as a trading arm. DG to pursue the estimates and AC to investigate the necessity for a trading arm. Given the need to make a final decision the directors unanimously agreed that subject to final planning approval  and updated estimates being agreeable the project will go ahead with the intention of an April start. IM and the directors thanked DG for his efforts in bringing the project to fruition.

6. Station: IM reported that the preparations for the station celebrations are going to plan and that funding sources are being sought.

7. Walking Festival: Arrangements are on-going in a group chaired by A.Dunn. Insurance for the festival was discussed and there was general feeling that current insurance is in order. DG also reported that there will be upgrading of the section of path behind the caravan site leading to Creag Bheag with bottoming being put in place by Community Service.

8. Web Site: IM proposed that after discussion with Simon Cooke re the community web site that there should be a single web site serving both the community and KCDC. The directors agreed that it would be a good idea and DS will pursue this with Simon Cooke. DG also proposed a link with Facebook and again the directors agreed this could be helpful.

9. AOCB: AC reported that NHS Highland had offered KCDC the use of woodland behind ST. Vincents to use as they wished until such time as NHS may require it. AC and ID to investigate further.

DG drew attention to an e-mail from Iona Malcolm requesting support  re cycling proposals for Ardvonie Park and the directors agreed to give support to this idea.

The meeting closed at 21.00
Next Meeting on Friday 22nd March at 19.30




KCDC: Minutes of Meeting on 22/01/2013

Present: I. Moffett (Chair), D. Grant, D. Stewart, S. Millar, J. Ballantyne, I. Dyce, A. Schofield, A. Calvert

1. Election of Chairman: IM was appointed as chairperson to succeed A. Dunn who has retired from the board.

2. Minutes of AGM held on 14th November 2012 approved.

3. Matters Arising: None

4. Finance: Due to the change of personnel on the board,  changes to the signatories for the bank accounts and for notification of change of chairperson to Companies House were discussed and agreed.

Peter Graham has kindly agreed to complete OSCR administration in his own time.

Insurance was discussed particularly with regard to the Walking Festival and it was noted that BTCV insurance may increase due to this.

There  was agreement to register for Gift Aid with regard to donations and     memberships. Memberships are for one calendar year and it is hoped to collect these by the end of February.

There was discussion with regard to the balance between paid and unpaid work done by the accountants. SM expressed some concern over this and it was agreed that SM should discuss invoicing with the accountants.

5. Coppicing has now been completed in the woodland for this year. DG    proposed a new section to be done above Strathlynn bridge for the end of the year and this was agreed

6. For the hydro project DG said that things were going well but awaiting approval of current drawings due to a change of planning officers. There have been no further updates from Pitmain on their projects but the planning gain of £17,300 has been confirmed. If Pitmain go ahead with the Loch Gynack dam this will be sufficient for KCDC to obtain help with the costs. Otherwise the project would have to be completed on a standalone basis. KCDC are in discussion with Community Energy Scotland for further funding for an infrastructure grant and with regard to the connection to the golf clubhouse and the grid.

7. There was a lengthy discussion on the proposal that KCDC be involved with the refurbishment of the courthouse in association with Highland Council and Kingussie Business Forum. This would involve raising a sum in the region of £160,000. The benefits of a successful outcome to the project were recognised but a number of reservations were also expressed. A sub- committee consisting of IM and JB will look into the matter further but a final decision from Highland Council will be required before the project can be actioned.

8. The Walking Festival to take place on May 18th 2013 was discussed. Among other arrangements it was agreed that two or three walks will be offered of varying levels of difficulty. The day is intended mainly for locals but visitors will naturally also be welcome to take part. SM proposed that there should also be a short walk which would be suitable for children and this was agreed.

9. IM reported that arrangements for the railway celebrations in September are continuing and that he had been in contact with Newtonmore as part of the arrangements.

AOCB: AC reported that a group of students from Edinburgh University will be visiting and would like to speak to directors particularly with regard to hydro.

SM reported that there would be an Open Morning in the garden of Kingussie Primary School on the first day of the Food on Film Festival.

The meeting closed at 20.50.
Next meeting: Tuesday 26th February 2013 at 19.30



KCDC Minutes of Meeting 16/10/12

Present: A.Dunn (Chair), D.Grant, J.Ballantyne, D.Stewart, S.Millar, I. Moffett, I. Dyce

Apologies: A. Schofield


1. Walking Festival: A.Dunn referred to a letter from Helen Graham re walking festival to take place on 18th. May 2013. KCDC to supply a photo for the brochure for the event.

2. Signage: There was a lengthy discussion about the new signage for the paths around Kingussie to agree on positioning and layout of the signs.

3. Kingussie Paths Map: The map was discussed and revisions to it agreed.

4. Finance: A.Dunn and S. Millar to meet with the auditors to arrange to have the accounts signed off for the AGM. I. Dyce intimated that Miss L. Dyce would no longer be able to take over the auditing of future accounts as previously agreed as this would give rise to a conflict of interest.

Next Meeting: AGM on 14th November


Present: Andy Dunn, Donnie Grant, Sulekha Millar. Iain Dyce. Ian Moffat Amanda Calvert, Catherine Vis-Christie (RSPB Futurescape Officer)
The meeting started with presentation from Catherine Vis-Christie introducing the RSPB Futurescape project.  RSPB is aiming to increase habitat for declining species in partnership with local community; linking with RSPB and KCDC will be very important.
1. Minutes of September meeting

2. Apologies: Jim Ballantyne, Alisa Scofield, Dave Stewart

3. Matters arising not on the agenda
Walking Festival to be organised by KCDC for May as part of the new ‘Kingussie – A Little Town of Festivals’.  There is no funding available at present and no advertising so AD after discussion with Helen Graham proposed a small beginning with a one day festival for local people to enjoy the paths with choices of guided walks of varying lengths.  The date proposed was 18th May. There is potential for expansion in future years with hopes to link with our neighbour towns.

4. Finance
Our accounts will need to be ready for the AGM and OSCR forms returned.  Peter Munro to be contacted and I Dyce will be able to sign the accounts for OSCR.

5. Norge/school/website
Information about the days with KHS pupils and Norway group have been written about on the website.  Website to be promoted at AGM

6. Hydro
Please see attached report from Donnie Grant.
Pitmain Estate has not confirmed to build their project in 2013. Our project cannot wait till after 2013 as our funding will not be held. We are waiting to hear by late October about Pitmain.
Donnie and the Hydro team have been working with A Laycock and have identified savings to their original budget.

7. Paths (N side of Creag Bheag/fingerposts)
COAT have confirmed work will go ahead on the path up the face of Creag Bheag
Fingerposts positioning to be confirmed – a separate meeting needed about this issue.
Donnie has a meeting on the 16th October with Robert Glen from Community Service
8. Woodland (Coppicing – Amanda)
Amanda has accessed funds through the Scottish Woodland Association of apprpx £2000 from their Skills Development Fund to hold the Coppice event with Donald Macphilimy. Wednesday 21st November set for this. AC to put dates on to website.

9. School (Andy)
AD and ID took pupils from KHS along the Jubilee path to show them the work that needs doing.  It is hoped that the school will take ownership of this project, with KCDC support.  The pupils were also taken to the Hazel woods to do some work there.  It was thought that having the groups from the school as part of their ‘Enrichment’ days would make a start in creating links with the school and the path/biodiversity work that KCDC have been doing, however it is not clear how a continuity with the pupils would be established and the difficulties of fitting in to the school curriculum were highlighted. However linking with the school very important and KCDC work very relevant to the new C for E.  Tracy Lomaz the link teacher at the school.

10. Railway
IM going to the Folk Museum to listen to interviews from the Refreshment Rooms at the Railway Station.

11. Access (Middle Terrace houses)

12. Next meeting Tues 16th October 7.30pm.


K.C.D.C. Meeting 25/07/12

Present: A.Dunn (Chair), D.Grant, S.Millar, D.Stewart, A. Schofield, I.Dyce, I. Moffett, J.Ballantyne

1.Minutes of Meeting 06/06/12: Accepted

2. Apologies: None

3. Matters Arising: AD noted that shinty sponsored walk did not go ahead as planned due to weather. DG affirmed it is to be rescheduled and volunteers still sought.

4. Finance: SM reported that membership now stands at 146, subscriptions at £273, donations at £394 and bank balance at £2,958.20p. There was discussion about how to go about audit system for OSCR. SM thought that she could complete initial paperwork but it was agreed that independent scrutiny would be required before submission

5. November AGM:  A newsletter will be issued to give members information about current activities and progress of hydro scheme . The date of the meeting is 14th. November in Talla nan Ros.

6. Festivals: The possibility of KCDC organising a walking festival as part of a programme of festivals planned for Kingussie was discussed. AS said that Community Council plans for the opening of the town Trail are well advanced and it would be beneficial in raising Kingussie’s profile for KCDC to open their trails separately. KCDC are meeting with the Community Council to discuss arrangements.

7. Railway: IM reported that planning for 150th  anniversary of Kingussie station in September 2013 well under way. Funding sources such as Scotrail were discussed.

8. Letter from I. Ross:  Before considering the letter from Mr. Ross regarding some land behind his house the directors expressed their condolences for his recent bereavement. No decision will be made at the moment about acquiring this land although the directors may wish to revisit this at a future date.

9. Subgroups:

Footpaths: Information boards outlining the footpaths are ready to go up and will be positioned at Ardvonie, Court House, Station and former Folk Museum car park.

IM distributed copies of the town trail leaflet which have just been printed. IM also reported on a meeting with Royal Commission for Historic and Ancient Monuments Scotland (RCHAMS) who are planning to record ancient buildings beginning with the Court House, Am Fasgadh and MacRobert House. This may eventually lead to an architectural trail to link in with town trail.

DG suggested that the Community Service group should be asked to make improvements to the Jubilee Trail beside the Gynack and this was agreed.

AD reported on meetings regarding the extension to the Speyside Way into Kingussie and on the a new Access Code under consideration by the government.

Woodlands: ID reported that he is now a member of the Community Woodlands Association and that this should be a good source of ideas for KCDC. Kingussie High School is still keen to be involved in the clearing of the snowberry as previously discussed. There has been no further developments with regard to the square of land below tennis courts.

Hydro: DG reported that it is still hoped to complete the Pitmain and KCDC schemes by 2013. Discussions for the new scheme should be completed by Autumn 2012 and a fully costed design for the new scheme ready for the AGM in November. However DG emphasised that gaining new funding from the Peoples Postcode Lottery will be key to financing the project.

AOCB: SM reported that RSPB’s Community Engagement Officer Catherine Vis-Christie is keen to arrange a talk on wading birds. The directors agreed to this.

The meeting closed at 20.45

Next meeting: Wednesday 12th September at 19.30







Present: A.Dunn (Chair), D.Grant, I.Dyce, A.Calvert, J.Ballantyne, D. Stewart, S. Millar, I.Moffett

Apologies: A.Schofield

1. Minutes of Meeting 18 04 12: Approved

2. Matters Arising: None

3. Finance/Membership: A.D. reported that an independent audit of finances would be required as Peter Graham would cease to provide this service from August 2012. The directors wished to express their thanks to Mr. Graham for undertaking this duty over a long period. It was also noted that there is a requirement for a VAT return every three months although KCDC’s activities do not yet attract VAT.

S.M. reported that further memberships are coming in and that the list would need to be updated. S.M. agreed to do this. Finances were similar to the report at the last meeting and cheques requested then to solicitor, Woodland Trust and website had been processed.

4. Hydro Project: D.G. announced that sadly the current project to produce hydro electricity on the Gynack would have to be cancelled due to a shortfall in funding and pressures of timescale. D.G. will contact the various interested parties such as SEPA to inform them of this decision. However, the meeting concluded that it would be worthwhile to explore other possibilities such as replacing the Archimedean screw with a standard turbine which would be considerably cheaper. D.G. agreed to conduct this research with a view to putting any new proposal to the members at the AGM. The meeting acknowledged the effort that Donnie had put into this project and his willingness to pursue further avenues.

5. Footpaths: I.M. reported that the brochures and the information board inserts for the Town Trail which is to link with the paths network are at the printers and should be ready soon.

A.D. reported that footboards around the duck pond are to be replaced next year. COAT are to set up a training team and that as part of this duckboards may be installed around the golf course paths. A future long term project may be for the steep access to Creag Bheag to be improved. The Ramblers had also approached A.D. to suggest three ‘legacy’ walks to recognise the Commonwealth Games. The walks are to be of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour duration. This can be done using sections of the current network.

The John Muir group at KHS will no longer be able to undertake the work proposed at the last meeting but the school hopes to provide a group of older volunteers who would be willing to take part.

The Community Service Planning group will return in August/September and thought will need to be given to jobs and materials for maintenance work they could do.

A.D. had identified four routes as part of a core paths review. These are the  West Terrace/Gynack walk, Raitts/Lynchat (currently under consideration by Kincraig Community Council), Dunbarry and Torcroy.

Leaflet boxes for paths information are now in operation and A.D. has painted steps at bridge to make them stand out more. Further path and woodland maintenance work will be carried out in October.

A.D. is to meet a group from Norway on 26th.September who are interested in how KCDC works and its activities.

D.G. asked for volunteers as Shinty Club sponsored walk marshals and a number of the group were able to oblige.

6. Woodlands: ID reported on the work done by Directors in May tidying up on the East side of the Gynack.  ID reported that he has continued to pull out seedling sycamores as they appear.  He also mentioned the favourable comments received on the wide variety of flowers on the woodland floor this Spring as a result of more light getting in following the removal of the large sycamores.  ID has made contact with The Highland Council again re obtaining the piece of ground below the tennis courts - nothing further to report.

7. AOCB: D.G. requested possible funds for information boards around Dunbarry woods to highlight the site of the old sawmill by golf course, the sheep fanks at Kerrow which are some of the few remaining and the at Acres fields as the site of an old working farm. The meeting agreed that all these sites would tie in well with current paths and information.

A.C. requested volunteers to talk and walk with Reforesting Scotland gathering in October.

The meeting closed at 20.45
The date of next meeting: 25 07 12 at 19.30

KCDC  Meeting

Tuesday 15th March  2011


Donnie Grant, (Chairman), Len Cruickshank, Andy Dunn, Dick Webster, Iain Dyce, Sulekha Millar, Dave Stewart, Ian Moffet, Alan Davidson


Minutes of meeting of 22nd of February 2011:-The minutes were read and approved.

  1.    Matters arising. Dave Stewart reported on the printing of the newsletter/membership form. All apart from 150 had been printed and leaflet delivery was continuing.


2.    Biodiversity  Iain Dyce reported that more bird and bat boxes had been erected and suggested that the coming weekend was a suitable time for further work on this. Amanda Calvert was to organise hazel coppicing . Hand tools were to be acquired for future work. KHS involvement would be researched by Dave Stewart at a future date. Sulekha Millar suggested a timetable of future works so that interested participants could organise for such activity.


3. Interpretive Panel         Dick Webster expressed some frustration and continuing concern that this aspect of the Biodiversity project would be in place to meet funding criteria. The draft content of the panel was discussed and minor amendments suggested. DW was to forward this information to Hazel Bews of Rowantree Consultancy. Len Cruickshank agreed to coordinate the final submission for funding. DW offered to help in this process.


4.    Tree Planting LC reported that 420 trees had been received from the Woodland Trust. There was a discussion about where these trees might be planted. Kingussie Primary School would take a few. Other suggestions to be looked at were the grounds of Kingussie Camannachd, the Glebe Ponds, etc. Donnie Grant intimated the desirability of a planting event which also recognized the community contribution of the Postcode Lottery.


5.    Comrie/ Paths

Andy Dunn gave a full account of his day at Comrie looking at the work of that community`s organisation and comparing and contrasting its work with that of our own. He stressed the overarching nature of Comrie`s Community Company, its ability to generate income and the employment of Community workers, (rather than being solely dependant on volunteers). (appendix 1)

On paths the meeting learned of a host of developments in relation to Paths, Tools, Tom Barraidh, Healthwalks, Etteridge, Milltrail/biodiversity, and the Family Programme. (appendix 2)

6.    Hydro Report Donnie Grant informed the meeting that community energy Scotland had been able to fond 90%, (i.e.£5400) of the cost of plans(£6400), for the turbine, turbine shed. This work was currently being undertaken by Highland Eco Designs. This cost was part of HEC`s total estimate of £190 000. 

CNP have delayed the full planning meeting until April 1st. LC and Ad had met with the chief planner, Andrew tait, and consider that the conditions required by the CNP have effectively been met. DG intimated that the CNP`s chief concerns were over landscaping considerations  but he also felt that the view from Park planning was positive.DG will attend the full Planning Meeting on 1st April.(CNP have indicated their realisation of general dissatisfaction with planning procedures and encourage public attendance at their meetings.

LC had met with Peter Munro regarding the setting up of a Trading Arm. PM was sceptical of the need for this step by KCDC. There are varying views on this to be considered more urgently when the project is underway. Lc awaited communication from the Coop Bank regarding the application for a separate Hydro related account.

A meeting, solely to consider the Hydro Scheme, was needed soon after the 1st April Planning meeting.


7.    Financial Report There was£35 000 in the current account.


8. AOCB        SM suggested improvements/alterations to the way in which membership data is handled. SM enquired as to whether KCDC was in a position to financially support P School activities. This was not possible at present but it was foreseen that when the hydro scheme was in operation  this would indeed be possible. The next meeting would be held around the 6th,7th April depending on the availability of Jamie Wallace of HED.




KCDC Meeting

Tuesday 1st February 2011

PresentLen Cruickshank (Chairman),Donnie Grant, Andy Dunn, Dick Webster, Iain Dyce, and a welcome was given to Sulekha Millar and Dave Stewart who were co-opted as directors.

  1. Minutes of meeting of 8th December 2011:-The minutes were read and approved.

  2. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising outwith those to be discussed later in the meeting.

  3. Election of Chairman: Donnie Grant was unanimously elected Chairman. Donnie accepted the position and stressed his willingness to serve for one year only.

4.             Biodiversity Iain Dyce indicated the need for the erection of the bird and bat           boxes previously acquired. It was agreed that this task be undertaken. D G reported the presence of Barn Owls in the Birch Wood. There was discussion of the spending of the Biodiversity grant from LEADER . It was clear that if funding for a Biodiversity information board was to be obtained then this had to be done by end of March. Dick Webster agreed to contact Andy Ford and Rowan Tree to see if this project was feasible within the limited time available. Dave Stewart and Sulekha Millar volunteered their assistance in this effort.

DG indicated that upgrade work would be required at the “triangle”(-the ground immediately to the W of the Strathlynn Bridge), subsequent to the Hydro Scheme work. Andy Dunn pointed out the continuing commitment of COAT to replacement of the bridge. It was to be hoped that all works would dovetail.

Amanda Calvert is to produce the plan for Biodiversity within the Birch Wood.


5.      Hydro Report Donnie Grant confirmed the great news of the successful bid for a grant of £63 000 from the Postcode Lottery`s Dream Fund. He gave an outline of the funding required and that committed by a variety of bodies and of still outstanding funding opportunities.

Len Cruickshank is to investigate the possibility of VAT registration to allow the reclaiming of that tax.

DG intimated that an application has been submitted to rejoin Development Trust Scotland, membership of which allows an hour of free legal expertise, something that will be very valuable in helping cope with the issues involved with handling the business of the Hydro development

Daval have indicated that ownership of the Birch Wood land would be transferred this month.


6.      Website

Dick Webster reported that KCDC was now using the Spanglefish model for the website. This was a considerable improvement. There were, however, a number of issues including general layout and. font size. It was felt that some of these problems might be addressed by having an upgrade at the cost of £25 per annum. DW was to see to further site improvement in cooperation with Dave Stewart and Sulekha Millar. 


7.      Financial Report


Current account balance was approx. £2500 with not incuding £550 due for Biodiversity project from LEADER.

It was agreed that a separate Direct Plus account, from the Coop be set up to handle the finances of KCDC Hydro.


8.      Paths Report

Andy Dunn reported that there was to be more National Park standardised, green signs erected for the local path network.

Path equipment was on its way from “Get Digging” and payment was to be made by February 5th.

Volunteer days were to be organized by ”Paths for all”. 

“Walking for Health” was to be highlighted by an event at the Duke of Gordon Hotel on 8th of March. Cameron McNeish was to be the main speaker. A “Walking for Health” training day would take place later in March.

 AD was to discuss with Highland Council Ranger, Duncan Mac Donald ideas for Paths and Biodiversity events to be held in the Birch Wood.




Dave Stewart is to look at affordable costing for membership/newsletter leaflet. LC is to update newsletter in the light of recent developments. S M volunteered to coordinate membership.

      D G indicated the need for the new Directors to fill in forms to be sent to Companies House.

Next Meeting Tuesday 15th March





KCDC Meeting

Wednesday 8th December 2010


Present – Len Cruickshank (Chairman),Amanda Calvert, Donnie Grant, Andy Dunn, Dick Webster, Iain Dyce, Alan Davidson, (representing the Community Council)



  1. Minutes of meeting of 13th October 2010.

      The minutes were read and approved.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes

It was agreed that no further action be taken regarding Highland Birchwoods.

            L Cruickshank had informed Mr Cleaton of the Birches regarding KCDC concerns over matters relating to the birchwoods. The response had conveyed a renewed understanding and willingness to support the aims of KCDC.   


      3. Micro Hydro Report

       D Grant gave an update of the present situation. A summary by Steven Watson of Community Energy Scotland using DG`s information summarized the current situation with the project. The planning application had been submitted and awaited decision. The SNH mammal survey had been completed . SEPA had still to finalise their approval.

 Key in the furtherance of the project will be sufficient funding. DG had made applications to several bodies including the Postcode Dream Fund. Most significant in this respect is the outcome of the KCDC bid for LEADER funding. The bid is for £96k. Since the LEADER decision is projected to be finalised on the 20th December it was agreed that KCDC would next meet on the 21st December to consider the consequences of the bid`s outcome. This would allow a clear summary of the project to be given at the AGM in January.The Chairman with universalagreement commended the great efforts made by DG in pursuit of a successful outcome for the project.


4.      Footpaths report

A Dunn reported. He had met with paths project officer Ewan Thain to consider the delayed work on the Core Path to Newtonmore, viz, the completion of two bridges which has been delayed by the weather. Also intimated by AD was the need for work on the Gynack path and that COAT is to undertake work on the Creag Beag Circular path.

      A response from Paths For All, regarding monies for the Volunteer Day on the 15th of January 2011, was awaited.



5.      Biodiversity Report.

Application for the money for the completed stage 1 work done in the birchwood was to be submitted by L Cruickshank to LEADER. Stage 2 includes the management plan. This would be developed by A Calvert. It was agreed that there should be the removal of unsightly sycamore remnants.


6.       Website

 It was agreed that the current website was unsatisfactory. D Webster was to investigate using Spanglefish.


7.      Financial Report


Current account balance was approx. £2800 with nothing outstanding.



Consideration was given to an offer to participate in energy efficiency research by a group based in Freiburg, Germany. It was agreed that the timescale and probably the means of energy usage in Kingussie were inappropriate. It was agreed the offer be declined.

The need for recruitment of additional directors of KCDC was stressed.

Next meeting:- Tues 21st December, 2010.







KCDC Meeting

Wednesday 13th October 2010





Present – Len Cruickshank (Chairman), Donnie Grant, Andy Dunn, Dick Webster, Iain Dyce, Alan Davidson, (representing the Community Council)

Apologies - Amanda Calvert


  1. Minutes of meeting of 2nd September 2010.

     The minutes were read and approved.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes

      KCDC are still considering their position re Highland Birchwoods.

            TheCommunity Council areto establish a group to look at the future of the                                                                                 

            Glebe Ponds. ID will keep KCDC informed.   


      3. Micro Hydro Report

       D Grant gave an update of the present situation. The topographical survey      had been completed and the hard copy of the drawings were awaited from Highland Eco Design to allow planning process to progress. It was also reported that whilst the Big Lottery application had been unsuccessful there were alternative funding applications underway. The financial situation should be clearer by Jan/Feb by which time Leader Cairngorm and other funding bodies will have made decisions regarding KCDC`s application.

            There was a discussion of the development plans of Pitmain Estate and how they might impinge on the community project. It was felt that the next step was to further planning consent as rapidly as possible. Also requiring progress was the Environmental Impact Survey.


4.      Footpaths report

A Dunn reported. A grant application had been submitted to Paths for All.

Work on Tombarry paths had been promised by Community Service Scheme.

Planning permission had been submitted for 2 gates and 2 bridges on the Kingussie Newtonmore footpath.

The new leaflets were presented. LD proposed that each member`s household receive a copy and this proposal was accepted.

Mr Cameron McNeish will promote the new path and highlight related issues with a walk booked for Nov/Dec.

It was proposed that there be a Volunteer Day supported, possibly, by the Forestry Commission. KCDC would undertake a Volunteer Day on the 15th of January 2011.



5.      Biodiversity Report.

 I Dyce gave an update. The sycamores in the birchwood had been felled. KCDC were to pay T Garrow and the money reclaimed from the National Park. It was suggested that ACalvert draw up a plan for the birchwood`s development. LC was to write to the occupant of The Birches regarding the unauthorized removal of felled timber and replaced signposts. The removal of the unsightly timber was discussed.


6.       Highland Birchwoods.

 There was no update.


7.      Financial Report

Money had been received from Nature Save to fund the Hydro Scheme impact survey for SEPA. This had been completed satisfactorily.

Current account balance was £3968.



Website was to be further investigated. The ownership of Dunbarry Park was briefly discussed.

AGM date was fixed for Wed. 12th January, 2011










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