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Dear communities

I am writing to you as having either worked with us or having an interest in working with us in the area of energy saving and sustainable transport. Newswire is our first ebulletin aimed at keeping you better informed of what may be relevant to you and your community in terms of news items, activities and updates in the Highlands and Islands. If you would rather not be included please let me know.

We also plan to start some social media pages, Facebook etc., as another means of communicating our news and keeping up to date with yours. As the aim is to provide you with what you want to hear about we would love your feedback and ideas on what should be included.

Free Insulation scheme
Transport Loans/Reviews
Microgeneration Strategy: householder loans of up to £10,000


This means free cavity wall and loft insulation for all households, regardless of income and property size, on a firstcome, first served basis. Extensions can be insulated, unlike with previous CERT schemes. Areas which have already had a free insulation scheme are included.
The advice centre is accepting referrals for this now, through calls to 0800 512 012, text ADVICE to 07827278134, email energyadvisors@hi.energysavingscotland.org.uk

Please let us know if you wish to be a community partner and help promote free insulation on your websites, newsletters, notice boards, and in inviting us to come along to local events. We have blurbs and graphics to help with this and welcome every opportunity to work with our partners.

Low Carbon Transport Loans for Business
Don’t miss out - the Energy Saving Trust is offering interest free, low carbon
transport loans for a limited time only.

Funded by Transport Scotland, this is a great opportunity for organisations to be able to
borrow between £500 and £50,000 interest free for up to 6 years. Call us on 0800 512
012 or visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/lowcarbontransportloans.

The loans can be used for a wide variety of measures that would help your organisation
make their transport and travel arrangements more sustainable, such as plug in EV/Hybrid cars, video and teleconference facilities and cycle facilities including bicycles.

Free Transport Reviews
Our Transport Specialist can examine your transport and travel arrangements and provide an impartial report with tailored recommendations on how your business could reduce its fuel costs and carbon emissions. It’s totally free, and you can use the review’s recommendations to access the above loan scheme. For more information please contact 0800 512 012 or visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/lowcarbontransportloans

Microgeneration Strategy Published
The Scottish Government’s Microgeneration Strategy has been published recently. It outlines the Scottish Government’s aims and ambitions for the growth of microgeneration and how microgeneration can contribute to the Government’s aim of building a cleaner, greener Scotland.

The Scottish Government announced an extra £5M fund for householder loans of up to £10,000 for renewable heating systems (Action 2 in the Strategy) which will be available from the 1st August 2012.

Further information is available here http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/meeting_energy/microgen/strategy/strategy.aspx
or call 0800 512 012 for further advice on financial assistance.
Upcoming events

Orkney Small Wind Turbine conference and Electric Vehicle workshop, Thursday 19 July 2012, St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall
At our domestic wind turbine conference you can learn first hand from owners how wind turbines run; find out about the planning process and permitted development; get free, impartial advice on the best options for your home and find out about financial incentives and insurance cover available. Throughout the day you’ll have the opportunity to meet exhibitors including wind turbine installers. Our lunchtime Electric Vehicle Workshop will highlight what help is available to support infrastructure in Orkney and discuss how to develop these opportunities.

To book your place call us on 0800 512 012 or email colin.risbridger@hi.energysavingscotland.org.uk for more details.
Home renewables advice visits are also available from our renewables team to offer free impartial advice on any technology.

The Energy Saving Trust - Green Homes Network
The Green Homes Network, a new Scottish Government initiative managed by the Energy Saving Trust, was launched last year. The network provides individuals with the unique opportunity to visit a local home that has a renewables system installed. A chance to find out first-hand how different systems run in real homes and hear about actual costs and savings.  Visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/greenhomes  to find out more about the scheme.

EST Green Homes Open Day
We are planning to hold a Green Homes Open Day on 29 September at various locations throughout Scotland, to encourage as many people as possible to visit a green home in their area.  As part of the open day, we will also hold an information event at a central location in each area, where installers and Energy Saving Scotland advisors will be on hand to help visitors find out more about renewable energy. In Inverness this will be held at Eden Court.

Interested in getting involved?
The network already has 580 members across Scotland and the numbers are still growing.  But we don’t want to stop there - we know that there are many more trailblazing eco-enthusiasts out there and even more potential green homeowners that need some inspiration…

We are looking for your help to spread the word within your local community and move one step closer to creating greener communities for all.  We would like to work together to let as many local residents as possible know what’s happening in their area and how they could benefit from the day.   Are there any activities you’re working on that could tie in with the open day? Or do you have any enthusiastic volunteers that may want to take part in the day? 
Please call 0800 512 012 or email rob.snaith@hi.energysavingscotland.org.uk for more details.

Changes to the Feed In Tariff
Time is now short for those people thinking of installing photovoltaic panels (<4kWp) on the 21p generation tariff rather than the future 16p tariff.

To get the current 21p tariff all, of the following must be completed prior to 1st August
-        The installed system should be commissioned (and the customer happy to make final payment)
-        Paperwork must include Energy Performance certificate and & Microgeneration Certification Scheme certificate (often only available after full payment has been made)
-        Paperwork must be received by the FiT supplier (preferably confirmed by them or by recorded delivery)

Although it is possible to do this in a little less time, it can take up to two weeks following the actual installation.
Allowing for weather and swift resolution of any issues, those interested should be advised to plan for installations before 17th July.
4kWp systems are costing around £7,000 although we have recently seen a couple of quotes as low as £6,000.

Home renewables advice visits are available from our renewables team to offer free impartial advice on any technology. To book, for more information on financing or if you’d like to talk to someone in your area who has installed please call 0800 512 012.

Solid wall insulation
Here is a video to show what solid (internal) wall insulation looks like, and what’s involved in installing it: real-life experience from householders who have been there, done that, made the movie.
Transition Stroud ‘Stroud Eco-Renovation’

For those that missed the Changeworks conference the presentations are still available here:http://www.changeworks.org.uk/projects/solid-wall-conference/640/

Government sets out next steps for Green Deal [taken from DECC]
The Government set out secondary legislation that will give industry the green light to bring the Green Deal energy efficiency market into operation, alongside measures to strengthen consumer protection, reduce industry burdens, and implement the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

The Government-backed Green Deal programme will help bill payers make energy-saving improvements to keep their homes warm. With the Green Deal people will be able to pay for some or all of the work done with the savings expected to be made on energy bills. ECO, a subsidy from energy suppliers, will provide extra help for those most in need and for properties that are harder to treat.

In addition to setting out the parts of the framework that are already in place, the announcements give clarity to the market by detailing next steps to getting Green Deal and ECO rules set by October, ensuring support worth around £1.3bn a year to deliver energy efficiency and heating measures across Great Britain to help tackle fuel poverty and climate change. An increased focus on poorer areas should see an extra 100,000 households in low income areas benefitting each year, compared to original proposals, bringing the total number of low income households and those in low income areas assisted to around 230,000 a year.
•        The full press release is available on the DECC website
•        The written ministerial statement is available on the DECC website
•        The Government response to the consultation is available on the DECC website


Communities Conference: ‘Understanding & Influencing Your Parliament’ Holyrood, Sat 27th October 2012 – practical means on how to engage with parliament, some workshops will be taken by MSPs. Here’s a description from last year:

For more info contact Paul Anderson, the Community Outreach Manager for the Scottish Parliament:

Energy Saving Scotland advice centre events coming up can be found at http://www.changeworks.org.uk/events.php
To find out about community energy projects near you, see ‘Where I Live’ at http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Easy-ways-to-stop-wasting-energy/Where-I-Live

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