KCDC Hydro Fund Funding Application.

Name of organisation / resident  making the application


Organisation Main Contact


Main Contact email



Address for correspondence




Daytime telephone number


Contact website, if applicable




What will the grant be used for?






Please detail the beneficial impact to the Kingussie community







What sum are you requesting?

Please attach three copies of quotations and a breakdown of costs (Category A only)





What is the proposed completion date of the project?



Please provide a brief summary of your own and other proposed financial contributions, if any, and why you are applying, i.e.

Why the equipment, services etc are needed.

Where will other confirmed funding come from?

Are you applying for any other third-party funding?

If not, why not.

(Continue in the Additional

Information section if necessary)





In the past three years, have you applied to any other funding for this or any project, and either been granted or refused monies? Answer Yes or No.


If Yes, please describe the project(s), the total cost(s), the grant(s) requested and grant(s) approved.





I certify that the details provided are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that the Fund will seek the return of any grant if it is discovered that the above information was incorrect or if the grant is not being used for the purpose stated. If the application is approved then I and the organisation I represent agree to any publicity the Fund might arrange, and to participate in this if requested.


Name (Must be the name of the person whose email address, or whose organisation’s email address, is used to send this application)









Please return this form, and the one below, to the Kingussie Community Hydro Fund Administrator, via


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