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This page update Friday 27th November 2020, still looking for volunteers for Path Maintenance, see Footpaths page.


Things that are happening

1- The Coop Community Fund

A huge huge fun packed thankyou to the Coop and the villagers who supported our cause, you raised on our joint behalf:-

Press Release

KCDC are delighted to announce that the Co-op Community fund in support of the Kingussie Paths Project has amassed a fantastic total of £5,103.

The project supported the ongoing maintenance of the paths in the community by volunteers. Director Len Cruickshank has seen a huge increase in the number of walkers out enjoying the path network “we have received  a great deal of positive and supportive comments on the works by passing walkers”.

KCDC Director Kenny Deans said “the Community Fund is a truly magnificent way of local people enabling local causes to make a difference in the community. The total amount raised will ensure our hardy volunteers are provided with the materials and tools to make a difference. We are really appreciative of the Co-op shoppers who have chosen us as the good cause and we would thank them most sincerely”.



2 Gynack Gate progressing well, see Town Centre Project

3 Work has been completed beside the park to remove some of the branches. The Highland Wildlife Park were very hppy to come and take the branches to feed to the camels. Yes! Camels in the Highlands of Scotland.


4 There has been a great deal of work done on the Creag Bheag footpaths under the guidance of Sandy Maxwell. Please see FOOTPATHS on the main menu.



Volunteers have been renovating, building, installing and even using benches around the village. You can find new benches beside the Hydro Plant on Gynack Road and down by the Jubilee Walk. The Jubilee Walk ids the new walk down the Gynack just after the High SChool and towards the Spey Bridge.

It's been  renovation by volunteers of 4 old benches which were found in the Council Store, and are to be reinstalled beside the War Memorial. Here's a wee taste of things to come.

Then there's the new benches for visitors and locals of all abilities.  Construction and funding was provided by KCDC, CNPA AND KVCC.  Don't know what you think, but I really like the colour. Apparently its Cuprinol Urban Slate.






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