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Volunteers have been renovating, building, installing and even using benches around the village. You can find new benches beside the Hydro Plant on Gynack Road and down by the Jubilee Walk. The Jubilee Walk ids the new walk down the Gynack just after the High SChool and towards the Spey Bridge.

It's been  renovation by volunteers of 4 old benches which were found in the Council Store, and are to be reinstalled beside the War Memorial. Here's a wee taste of things to come.

Then there's the new benches for visitors and locals of all abilities.  Construction and funding was provided by KCDC, CNPA AND KVCC.  Don't know what you think, but I really like the colour. Apparently its Cuprinol Urban Slate.


20th May 2020


Click picture for Bikeathon sign-up. The event has been postponed, so keep coming back for the most up to date information.



Cairngorms Nature Festival

This has been moved to May 2021, click the pic for more info.



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28 August 2020PATH BUILDING

So during the lockdown,  a group of volunteers have been "up the hill" on Creag Bheag continuing with the pathwork. This is an on going process as many of you will have witnessed whilst walking over the summit. However, we have recently had the help of Sandy Maxwell who has been leading the training. Sandy has a great deal of experience with various outdoor projects. We plan to have several days at this and the next scheduled one is 15th Sept. If you can manage, we will see you at Ardvonie car park at 10am. The day lasts from 10 til 4ish and you can do as many hours as you wish, every single hour is very much appreciated. Of course you will have noticed the weather can be changeable so if you'd like to contact Sandy direct 

sandymaxwell674@gmail.com tel 07766 380 663
Mattocks and Spades are handy. Bring a flask, coffee breaks are required!

Well earned coffee break! Just out of shot Dick is still working.

Pic belows shows Ian with the slaves.

smashing stones

This is how to swing a Mattock

That's the wrong side Grommit!

look lads, buried treasure!

Motley Crew

Path building is like an Iceberg, all the work is underground.

The main man inspecting the work of the minions!

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