Latest KCDC News:

  • Spey Street Junction
    We have been advised that TGP Architects have organised a consultation event regarding the plans for the Spey Street Junction at 1pm on 31 August 2022. The location is the […]
  • Forestry operations
    Pitmain Estate have advised that they will begin felling storm damaged trees at the north end of the Golf Course Circular (from sixth of golf course towards Loch Gynack) for […]
  • Five Year Path Plan published
    Kingussie is very fortunate to have so many wonderful footpaths around the town – many of which are actively developed and managed by KCDC volunteers. KCDC are pleased to announce […]
  • B&S Therapy Gardens
    The KCDC Hydro Fund recently contributed to the community garden operated by the Badenoch and Strathspey Therapy Gardens to help them purchase new composters. Our Chairman, Ian Moffett, was pleased […]
  • Drone video footage of woodland damage
    A local resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) has kindly shared the following YouTube videos. They show the damage to the woodland behind St Vincents Hospital and also the new […]
  • Spring 2022 Newsletter
    KCDC’s annual newsletter is currently being hand-delivered to all addresses in Kingussie but is also available to download using the link below:


The Kingussie Community Development Company (KCDC) was incorporated as a company with charitable status in 2006 to investigate, and hopefully, build a Community Hydro on the River Gynack. 

The Community Woodlands (the area from the bridge at The Cross to the Golf Course Carpark) were donated to KCDC and the suitable site for the Hydro was found to be where the original hydro serving the St Vincent’s hospital had been situated in the early 20th century.

The obtaining of the permissions and funding for the Hydro took several years, largely as a result of frequent changes in regulations.  Fortunately, the Hydro was completed in 2015 without the necessity of borrowings.  Since then, the Hydro has produced a surplus every year which is used to make charitable grants of up to £500 for Small Grants and £2,500 for Large Grants to organisations in Kingussie.  

KCDC maintains the Community Woodlands in our ownership, and using grants and our own funds works to assist in maintaining some of the paths in our area.  

We also instigate, drive forward and seek funding for other community projects in Kingussie, such as the repair of the Jubilee Walk, and the current Gynack Gate Gardens redevelopment as a community space and welcome to Kingussie. 

Our charitable status means we are able to support other groups and initiatives locally.

KCDC is entirely managed and run by volunteers from the Kingussie area. We have regular work parties of volunteers to repair paths, and other community projects and new volunteers are always welcome.

For further information please contact: