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2022 – A good year for the Hydro

2022 was one of the best of the 8 years that the Hydro has been in operation. There were no mechanical or electrical breakdowns and almost 45000 kilowatt-hours were generated, which is exactly in line with the original business case. This is despite there being no generation during several weeks in the summer, power cuts […]

Repairs to Hydro – Update October 2021

September was also a relatively dry month and the electrical output generated was less than half of the average for that month. The improvement arising from the new Coanda screen could not be judged until wet weather returned at the end of the month. Rainy days have continued through October and the new screen sections […]

Repairs to Hydro – August 2021

The Coanda screen across the weir has now had 7 years of operation. In 2014 Hurricane Bertha caused some damage that was not obvious at the time by flattening some of the curved stainless steel plates at the top of the screen. This meant that some of the water spilled over the weir without going […]

Hydro ice update…

The ice has retreated a bit and has allowed the hydro to restart. There has not been much snowmelt yet so it is only generating about 1kW. Today is the 6th anniversary of its commissioning.

Frozen Hydro…

The hydro finally succumbed to the ice at half past seven on Friday evening. It had been restarting automatically but eventually there was not enough water flow to keep it going for more than a few minutes. It had been -17°C in Kingussie early on Friday morning…