Connecting Kingussie Refresh Report


In 2019 AECOM Limited produced a report which included an outline design for improvements to the active travel network in Kingussie on behalf of Cycle Friends Kingussie.

This year the Cairngorm National Park Authority requested AECOM Limited to produce an update to that report to “inform and unify the forward planning of community groups in Kingussie and its surrounds in their voluntary activities to improve and maintain local transport infrastructure”.

The new report (which includes the original 2019 report as Appendix B) is available below :

KCDC Response

Unlike the previous study, the AECOM Limited consultants conducted a desk study without any new visit to Kingussie.

The section on paths (that was not included in the previous study) should therefore should be considered in context.

The choice of the 4 paths projects highlighted in the report and the conclusions made on them do not entirely meet the current thoughts of KCDC.

KCDC’s current plans for path projects are detailed in the 5 Year Path Plan which is updated annually.

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