Gynack Gardens – Have your say

KCDC have applied for planning permission to install an iconic sculpture at the round circle at the head of the new paved area of Gynack Gardens. However, the planning process will only be successful if there is enough community support for the sculpture. Please have your say by completing the anonymous survey by clicking on […]

Gynack Gardens – March update

Open, but not quite finished… We are pleased to report the safety fencing came down on the 5th March and the gardens are now back open for public use. We hope you enjoy this transformed recreational space.   The new paved area at the north of the gardens is designed as a meeting place and as an […]

Hydro ice update…

The ice has retreated a bit and has allowed the hydro to restart. There has not been much snowmelt yet so it is only generating about 1kW. Today is the 6th anniversary of its commissioning.

Further Town Centre Funding

KCDC are pleased to confirm that Highland Council have disbursed £10,300 from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Fund to complete the north end of the Gynack Gardens Project and revitalise the south end with additional planting and fencing.  The money has to be committed by the end of March with projects completed by September. KCDC […]

Frozen Hydro…

The hydro finally succumbed to the ice at half past seven on Friday evening. It had been restarting automatically but eventually there was not enough water flow to keep it going for more than a few minutes. It had been -17°C in Kingussie early on Friday morning…

Thistle Sculpture, Gynack Gardens Project

Introduction The recent modifications to the Gynack Memorial Gardens incorporate provision for a sculpture/art project. The pre-planning process has taken well over a year, including considerable research to look at options and to request feedback from community representative groups and public sector stakeholders. On the strength of the feedback received a planning application has now been […]

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Normally the KCDC Newsletter would be hand delivered to all the Kingussie households, but this year is different… Whilst this year’s Newsletter is “good to go” we are abiding by COVID-19 restrictions and keeping to essential journeys and or exercise only. Once the restrictions ease we aim to deliver as normal. In the meantime, the […]

Creag Bheag path update

Another great effort by the path maintenance volunteers today. The lower half of this section of the path is 99% complete with the upper half only needing the surfacing material added. Maybe complete by Christmas?

New seat on Creag Bheag path

Bob Kinnaird has been hard at work for the past weeks creating a fantastic new “dry stone” seat on the path up to Creag Bheag. The new seat is gloriously positioned to make the best of the views and even comes with a table to accommodate your favourite snacks and refreshments. Well done Bob!