Path Maintenance – May update

We returned to Creag Bheag this month to complete the work we started last year.

The major task was to transport surfacing material from the “drop” at Tait’s Brae up to the site – no mean feat! This meant bagging the material into sacks, loading the sacks into the power barrow, “driving” the barrow up to the top of the track and thereafter manhandling each sack up the path to where it was needed. As ever, we are grateful for the many willing volunteers and were also helped by a number of Rural Skills students from Kingussie High School.

The surfacing material (quarry dust) has made a significant difference to the finish of the path – eliminating many muddy spots and stabilising sections of path which had been left with loose stones over the winter.

The overall result can be seen in the series of photos below. These photos show the whole section (from the bottom to the top).

The recent good weather will hopefully “bake” the surface of the path and make it much more pleasant to walk on.

The next project is to continue the path down the hill to the woods.

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