Kingussie Community Development Company

Resolution to acquire land

August 2021


As part of our strategy to improve and, where possible, “join up” our path network, the KCDC Directors have agreed it would be desirable to extend the path from the east side of the Hydro Bridge roughly northwards to the new Pitmain Estate gate posts. 

There is already a rough path in place following what is generally called a “desire line” but the path is, at times, very muddy and poorly formed. KCDC wish to improve the standard of this path, extend it as far as the Pitmain Estate gate posts and make it accessible to more people.

It is thought that external funding will be available to improve this part of the path network but that funding relies on the land being owned by KCDC. The current landowners are the former Kingussie Estate.


KCDC Directors have negotiated with the current landowners and they have agreed to sell the land to KCDC for £1, as long as any and all legal costs are wholly covered by KCDC. The expected overall cost is expected to be in the region of £750 and it’s anticipated that this will be covered by the external funding.

The land proposed to be acquired is as shown tinted and edged in blue on the plan below:

The land is bounded:

  • on the west by the Golf Club Carpark;
  • on the north by Pitmain Estate;
  • on the east by the extension of Ardbroilach Road which leads to Pitmain; and
  • on the south by other land owned by KCDC.

KCDC Member Consultation

KCDC’s Articles of Association require a Resolution to acquire any property to be voted on by the members of the company.

Obviously in normal times KCDC would hold a General Meeting of members to seek the necessary consent, but equally obviously, these are still not normal times, and we are therefore seeking the necessary consent via the survey below.

The survey will be available from 9 August 2021 until 15 August 2021.

Any questions related to this resolution should be directed to Ian Moffett, acting as chairman of KCDC (at or any other KCDC director.

Resolution: Land Acquisition Survey

This survey is now closed.