Repairs to Hydro – Update October 2021

September was also a relatively dry month and the electrical output generated was less than half of the average for that month. The improvement arising from the new Coanda screen could not be judged until wet weather returned at the end of the month. Rainy days have continued through October and the new screen sections have made an improvement of between 5 and 10% across most of the range of output. 11kW was seen for the first time since 2015.

The photo below shows the performance of the different parts of the screen while the output is around 10kW. The LH side are the  two original sections that were undamaged and most of the water is being collected with very little spilling over. In the middle are the remaining two original damaged sections and a significant proportion of the water is spilling over and reducing potential output. On the RH side are the new sections and virtually all the water going over the weir is being collected by them.

Water spilling over the central sections of the Coanda Screen.

The new screens have also meant that the loss of output caused by clogging with debris, particularly leaves at this time of year, is reduced and the screen needs to be cleaned less frequently. An output of over 8 kW can now be achieved even with a badly blocked screen and almost 6000 kWh has been generated this month, the highest for a calendar month since the system was commissioned in February 2015.

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