Fallen Trees

Tom Baraidh Wood – Storm Arwen

I’m sure most of you will have been aware of the high winds that Storm Arwen brought us on Friday night last week.

This has resulted in many trees being damaged throughout the area.

Tom Baraidh Wood has suffered significant damage to trees – particularly on the northern and eastern edges of the wood. Some of the damage can be seen in the photos below. Sadly many of the fallen trees are straddling the paths that we have been working on in recent weeks.

There are a number of trees in an unstable state and these are considered dangerous and need to be made safe.

KCDC has been in contact with Pitmain Estate to enquire what can be done to repair the damage. 

The Estate are quite clear that they will resolve matters and make the woods safe – but it may take a couple of weeks or so. 

They also stressed that trees should be left where they are and that the task should be left to the professionals to deal with.

In the short-term, please try to choose alternative routes to avoid the affected areas until the damaged trees have been dealt with.

We look forward to the paths being restored to a condition that is safe for everyone.

One thought on “Tom Baraidh Wood – Storm Arwen”

  1. Thanks Gus, such a pity that all the volunteer work over recent months has been affected, but once the timber is cleared, it shouldn’t take too much too recover.

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